Do Dwarf Gourami fish need an aquarium heater, air pump & air stone (aerator), lights or a filter?

Dwarf Gourami fish are lovely & they are available in a variety of colors. They should be kept in warm water. The minimum tank size for Dwarf Gourami is 10-gallons. Make sure you clean your aquarium water using a filter. Aquarium lights are required as Dwarf Gourami need a heavily planted aquarium with plenty of hiding spots. There is no need to add an air pump & air stone (aerator) as Dwarf Gourami can breathe oxygen directly from the air.

Do Dwarf Gourami need heater, aerator or lights
Do Dwarf Gourami fish need heater, aerator or lights?

How to setup an aquarium for Dwarf Gourami fish?

Dwarf Gouramis are shy fish so there should be plenty of hidden spots in the aquarium where they can rest. Dwarf Gourami are the type of fish that breathe oxygen directly from the air so the tank water surface should not be covered. You should have a hood but let your Dwarf Gourami reach the water surface so they can inhale oxygen directly from the air.

The minimum aquarium size for Dwarf Gourami is 10 gallons. A heater is required for Dwarf Gourami. Without heater, your aquarium water temperature will fluctuate & your Dwarf Gourami will be in stress.

Do Dwarf Gourami need an aquarium filter?

Partial water changes are recommended for Dwarf Gouramis. Make sure you change at least 10 – 15 percent water every week to remove ammonia byproducts from the water. Siphoning the base of the aquarium is recommended while performing partial water change. Replacing the partial aquarium water with fresh dechlorinated water is recommended. In addition, you must ensure that the fresh water has the same temperature as the aquarium water or it will stress your Dwarf Gourami.

Dwarf Gourami fish do not like water movement so add a filter that comes with an adjustable water flow. I recommend adding a hang on back filter or a canister filter in Dwarf Gourami aquarium because they are powerful at cleaning. A filter offers both mechanical & biological filtration so they remove all the solid particles such as fish waste & other debris that will otherwise rot & release ammonia. Biological filtration breaks down ammonia into less toxic forms. Dwarf Gourami are very sensitive against ammonia but they can live with nitrates in the water.

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Do Dwarf Gourami need an aquarium heater?

Dwarf Gouramis need an aquarium heater so it is recommended to keep water temperature b/w 72 to 82 Degree Fahrenheit. A heater will heat the aquarium water but make sure you buy one that has a rheostat. A rheostat heater does not continuously heat water because they stop heating when the required temperature is reached. Without heating your aquarium water, its temperature will fluctuate that will stress your fish. If you have kept your aquarium in a warm room, then there is no need to buy any heater.


Do Dwarf Gourami need artificial lights?

Dwarf Gourami like many live plants in the aquarium that offer hiding places. I recommend LED lights for a Dwarf Gourami tank if it is planted. In the presence of lights, plants perform photosynthesis, which is essential for the growth of plants.


Do Dwarf Gourami need an air pump & air stone (bubbler)?

Dwarf Gourami are able to breathe oxygen directly from the air. Make sure you do not cover the surface of the water so that your Gourami fish can reach the water surface. Therefore, there is no need to add an air pump & air stone (aerator) for adding oxygen in the water.

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