Do Discus fish need aquarium heater, filter, air pump & air stone (bubbler / aerator) or artificial lights?

The min. aquarium size for Discus fish is 50 gallon. Discus are schooling fish so it is recommended at least five Discus fish in aquarium so they need at least a 50 gallon aquarium.


Accessories for a newly setup Discus fish:

  • Heater
  • Aquarium Filter
  • Air pump & air stone (bubbler / aerator)
  • Artificial Lights

Do Discus fish need heater, filter, lights or bubbler?
Do Discus fish need heater, filter, lights or bubbler?

Heater is required for Discus fish aquarium:

A heater is recommended for Discus fish tank because they need to be kept in ideal temperature ranging from 82 to 92 ºF. In cold water, Discus fish are prone to illnesses & infections. Unstable water temperature will stress your Discus fish so a thermostat heater is best for them. Thermostat heater automatically turns off when water is heated to a required temperature.


Filter is needed for Discus fish aquarium:

Discus fish needs a water filter that wipes out the remaining food, fish poop, & other solid impurities. Otherwise, these physical impurities will rot & release ammonia, which is poisonous & could kill your fish. An aquarium heater not only removes the solid particles but also wipes out toxic chemicals from the water.

Make sure your filter is strong enough to wipe out all the solid particles from the water, & there should be enough bio media for wiping out ammonia byproducts. Fish poop & other rotten matter floating on top of the water will make the tank water cloudy.

Gallons per hour or GPH determines the efficiency of the filter. Make sure your filter is able to clean water of the complete aquarium 3 to 4 times in one hour. Therefore, you will need a 200 GPH filter for a 50-gallon aquarium.


Aerator or air pump is recommended but not necessary for Discus aquarium:

An aerator or air pump is required for Discus fish as they need surplus oxygen. Air pump & air stone releases bubbles in the water that adds oxygen. However, you can skip an aerator if you can add oxygen through other sources such as a filter or live plants. Filter disturbs surface water that causes surface agitation. During this process, CO2 is removed from the water & oxygen is added. Hence, you will have enough oxygen in the water for Discus fish, & you won’t need an air pump & air stone (aerator).


Discus fish need aquarium lights:

Discus fish need aquarium lights because it will let observers see the beautiful colours of the fish. In addition, Discus fish are happy in a planted tank so these lights will help plants in growth. Live plants absorb CO2 & exhale oxygen in the presence of lights.

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