How to differentiate between Fertilized VS Unfertilized Goldfish Eggs?

If you are wondering how to differentiate between Fertilized VS Unfertilized Goldfish eggs, and what to do if you spot many Goldfish eggs in your aquarium, then this post is for you.

Fertilized VS Unfertilized Goldfish Eggs
Fertilized VS Unfertilized Goldfish Eggs

Fertilized VS Unfertilized Goldfish Eggs:

Goldfish eggs will look white to yellow / orange bubbles in the aquarium, & their colour is based on whether they are fertilized (orange / yellow) or unfertilized (white).

Fertilized Goldfish eggs are yellow in colour with a little black dot at the top of one end. A crescent shape forms around this black spot when the eggs mature. The crescent shape is the spinal cord of the developing fry.

4 to 7 days are required to hatch Goldfish eggs, & unfertilized goldfish eggs will appear white or clear.

If you are looking forward to hatching eggs, then it is recommended to shift them to a separate aquarium for safety. If you leave them in the parent aquarium, then it is possible that the eggs would be consumed by other fish.

During the egg hatching process, the egg will not increase in size. Therefore, when the egg hatches, the baby will almost have the same size as its egg.


How to know when your Goldfish are going to deposit Eggs?

If you want to know when your Goldfish are going to deposit eggs, then it is recommended to notice a few signs added below:

Your Goldfish will show different activity levels just before depositing eggs. Your Goldfish will be more restless & their activity level will increase. They will have different eating behaviour like they will show less interest in eating or won’t accept food overall.

Lastly, aquarists can see specific breeding behaviours in Goldfish like chasing, nipping & building a bubble nest.

Upon seeing these signs, it is recommended to plan in advance what you are going to do with your Goldfish eggs. You can either choose to hatch eggs or allow other Goldfish to eat them as they are a high source of protein. If you plan to hatch eggs, then it is recommended to setup a fry tank in advance where you can later shift Goldfish eggs. Or just leave Goldfish eggs in the parent aquarium where other fish will eat these protein rich eggs.


How long does it take to hatch Goldfish eggs?

The hatch time of Goldfish eggs is b/w 4 to 7 days. If your Goldfish eggs remain unhatched after a 7 days period, then it means that the eggs are not fertilized. Male Goldfish must fertilize eggs otherwise they won’t develop babies. The unfertilized Goldfish eggs will look white or clear. If the unfertilized eggs are not eaten, then they should be removed from the aquarium.

Female Goldfish can deposit up to 1000 eggs in one batch, multiple times a week. It is normal for the eggs to become unfertilized. Therefore, if some of the eggs do not hatch, then you should not worry.

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