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Many of the available filters might not help you due to their size, weight and may be your tank requirement might not meet the filter specifications. This is a good opportunity for me to build my own filters for tank and pond at home. I get to know more about this field after reading tutorials on internet and watching video tutorials that have guided me to build the right filter for the right tank. I run a Youtube channel of the same name Fishaholic and you can visit it and if you like my content then consider subscribing the channel.

Mechanical filtration media removes dirt, fish waste or leftover food from aquarium water and it ensures that just clear water passes through the bio media. For establishing good bacteria in aquarium, biological filtration is very crucial. Biological media consists of both aerobic and an-aerobic bacteria that converts ammonia into nitrite and nitrite into nitrate.

Fish tanks can help enhance aquarists physically and mentally. It keeps me busy and makes me think of what should I do next. In my free time, I try to make something fresh or find an affordable way to enhance life of my aquarium inhabitants. Instead of purchasing tank lighting, I can visit a hardware shop and purchase low cost lights and improve them to fit my tank to help my fish and aquarium plants.

DIY tank projects will help you in creative thinking as there are many ways to make things for example making a free rock cave for fish, carbon dioxide for planted tanks etc. You can save wealth in this hobby and learn something new. If you are a beginner in this field, then I would advise you to try it after following interesting tutorials that may help you in your work.
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