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Privacy Policy of

The privacy of every visitor is important for us. does not collect or share data of visitor including their name, email, contact no., or address or any other type of personal data. Only data such as user IP, country’s origin etc. is shared on internet. By using services, you consent to such use of your information & agree to the terms of Privacy Policy.

1. Information Collected: collects information such as IP address, visitor’s country, browser used (fire fox, safari, chrome, explorer etc.), operating system, device used (mobile, computer etc.) to access webpage, total time spent on web site, number of page views, referred link that means the link visitor’s go to after leaving Such information is automatically collected by our stats script & helps us to know what links and content is popular among visitors. All such information is collected through cookies saved on your device hard drive. Statistical information is saved on our server hard drive located in US. Information collected by is explicitly used for statistics. Information collected by cookies and pixel tags helps us to know about usage data and helps us to decide whether any upgrades in sites is required such as more quality content is required or server upgrade is required such as bandwidth, space enhancement.

2. Personal Information:

Visitors are not permitted to enter their personal information on Visitors are not permitted to create profile and carry out transactions such as using credit card or paypal, in order to ensure visitor’s security. We do not communicate with visitors in any way.

3. Cookies:

When you visit for the very first time, a small file (cookie) is sent to your computer and saved on your computer’s hard disk. It lets us to remember information about your last visit; that will make your next visit more convenient. It tells us about your browser, location, time spent on website, information about your interests. No personal information of visitors is collected. use cookies like preferences, security, processes, advertising, session state and statistics etc. You can remove cookies if you want, as it can be reset through browser setting.

4. Page Cache:

It is temporary storage (caching) of web documents such as HTML pages and images in order to reduce bandwidth usage, server load and perceived lag & let the website load faster on your computer. This mechanism does not collect visitor’s personal information. This feature can be removed through your browser settings.

5. Advertisement: do not have any third party advertisement at the moment. Advertisement companies use their own cookies in order to collect demographic information and content. Those companies also do not collect personal information.

6. Videos and Images: shares game videos from Youtube. We do not host any video on our server. To the best of our knowledge all such content is shared for free. We take pictures from internet & make sure that these pictures are freely available & does not violate any copyright violations. We also add our own pictures & make sure to provide the best experience to the visitors & they get what they want.

7. Content: has a very large content base & contains huge variety of videos embedded from Youtube. is basically a tutorial website & helps visitors to learn how to take care of fish as a pet, how to build & maintain aquarium, how to build filters, how to feed a fish, what water temperature is suited for them, how to make fish aquarium as a beautiful addition to any room as it boosts the beauty of the whole place, in whole, how to take better care of fish as a pet?      

8. External Websites: does not take any responsibility of other websites contents and their privacy policy. If you click on any external link and leave our website, then it is important that you read privacy policy of external website before browsing their pages. If you want to report any videos for content or copyright violation, then please report it to webmaster of respective site. Meanwhile, let us know as we will also remove embedded video from our page.

9. Children Privacy:

Parents/guardians should organize a list of safe website for their children. does not collect any information from children. Even children should be taught how to take care of a fish pet.

10. Aggregate Information: may share collective information (not personal) for statistical purposes. Advertisers can collect such information to provide ads that are relevant to you. Such information can be found on alexa site that displays our website traffic, demographics, gender, age, page views and ranking.

11. Changes to Privacy:

Privacy policy of may be changed depending upon new content added in website. We won’t inform visitors about such changes. So it is suggested to read our privacy policy on your next visit.

12. Questions and Complaints:

Let us know about any questions, suggestions or complaints. We really encourage visitors to do so as it will help us to improve experience for the visitors.

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