Do Platy fish need aquarium heater, filter, air pump & air stone (aerator) or artificial lights?

Platy fish are tropical fish so they live in warm water. They need a heater to keep water warm. They do not require an aerator or bubbler for oxygenating aquarium water if you have live plants or a filter for adding oxygen in the water. Platy fish do not need tank lights but you can have fun watching your fish if your aquarium is equipped with lights. Platies are small fish so they do not produce lots of waste. If you have a heavily planted aquarium, then a filter is not necessary as live plants will absorb ammonia byproducts & keep your aquarium water clean.

Do Platy fish need heater, filter, bubbler or lights?
Do Platy fish need aquarium heater, filter, bubbler or lights?

How to setup an aquarium for Platy fish?

Platies are happy in tanks that mimic their wild environment. They like heavily planted aquariums & gravels.

Platies are tiny fish so they need at least a 10-gallon aquarium.

Platies are peaceful fish so you can keep them in community tanks with other small peaceful species. They like swimming with their mates, & the male platies can fight with each other.


Do Platy fish need an aquarium heater?

Platy fish fall into the tropical fish category that means they need warm water for survival. Make sure you keep Platies b/w 72 to 78 Degree Fahrenheit or otherwise your fish might feel stress. Stress can lead to illness & death of fish.

Platy fish can live in slightly cooler water than the ideal temperature range, but your fish might be stressed that can lead to health problems.

If you keep platies in higher temperature than the ideal range, then your fish might live shorter, so it is recommended to keep your platy fishes in the ideal temperature range.


Do Platy fish need an aquarium filter?

Platy fish are recommended for beginners because they are tough & can survive in a variety of water conditions. However, Swordtail Platies are delicate & need good water conditions for survival.

Make sure you change 15 percent water every week to keep water conditions in control. While performing a partial water change, make sure you siphon the gravels to get rid of the solid waste particles & uneaten food. Water change will keep water clean by removing the solid & chemical impurities from the aquarium, & you can replace it with fresh water that contains minerals.

If your aquarium is heavily planted, then you can skip a filter as plants will absorb toxic chemicals released from fish poop & other debris. There is no need to add extra fertilizers for plants as ammonia byproducts will fertilize the plants & will help them in growth.


Do Platy fish need an air pump & an air stone (aerator)?

Platies need oxygen for survival, & the dissolved oxygen in the water is not enough. Water oxygen level depletes as fish constantly absorb oxygen & release CO2. Platies like other fish need an abundance of oxygen for survival. There are multiple sources for producing oxygen in the water. It is recommended but not necessary to use an air pump & air stone (bubbler) for adding oxygen in the water. Other sources such as a filter or live plants can keep your aquarium water aerated. Filters produce disturbance at the water surface that absorb oxygen from the air & remove CO2 from the water. Live plants absorb CO2 & toxic chemicals, & release oxygen in the water.


Do Platy fish need aquarium lights?

Platy fish do not need artificial lights. Natural daylight is enough for them but if you want to see the bright colors of your fish, then tank lights are required. In addition, if you are keeping plants in the aquarium, then they need lights too for photosynthesis. Platies like artificial lights & it will let you monitor your fish.

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