How to install a glass window in a patio pond:

DIY Backyard Garden Pond will beautify your garden. Fish seems beautiful from the front so I chose to add a glass window. Now my family can see fish from the interior of the home. This is the final tutorial of my DIY Backyard Garden Pond series, & in this tutorial, I setup a glass window. It was my first experience of installing a glass window in a DIY fish pond but everything went well. There is no leakage in the pond.

How to install a glass window in a patio pond?
How to install a glass window in a patio pond?


A glass window is expensive. I chose 25.5 mm toughened & laminated glass, & my glass window has polished edges. Dimensions of the glass window are:

  • Length: 142 cm
  • Height: 62 cm

For this project, I used idealseal MS290 for sealing the glass window, & keeping it in place.

I used MACSIM SHIM 2 mm for lifting the glass.


Steps: How to install a glass window in a raised pond:

Watch the video below for installation of a glass window in a DIY backyard garden pond:

How to install a glass window in a raised pond?

Step 1:

Before setting up a glass window, I decided to make a small frame in the interior of the DIY pond where I could install a glass window. I used an underlay & liner in the interior of the pond. Underlay prevents liner from cuts. I cut the liner at the front of the pond where I built a frame for a glass window. 


Step 2:

I used 2 tubes of idealseal MS290 silicone. The color of the silicone sealant is black which matches the pond. I added the silicone glue on the inside of the pond where the glass window would sit. Silicone beads could have been thicker but no problem.


Step 3:

I used Window shims for lifting the glass window a bit off the frame, & the region was covered with silicone. MACSIM SHIM 2 mm were chosen for lifting the glass window.


Step 4:

I added a glass window in the window frame. My friend helped me in setting up the glass window. 

I added glue on the interior of the pond for installing the glass window but later filled the corners from the outside too. The glass window was pressed against the silicone. I made sure that silicone does not stick to the glass window so I covered the edges of the window with masking tape, & after applying the glue, I gently removed the tape & I did not make any mess during installation.


Step 5:

I filled the DIY Backyard Garden Pond with water, & I am happy that there is no leakage in the pond. I left the pond containing water for a week, & did not notice any problem.


Step 6:

I built the top cover for the fish pond using MERBAU 140 x 22 mm. I cut the corners of the wood at an angle to build a frame around the top corner. I chose black paint surrounding the glass window frame, black sealant, & black liner. I painted the top cover, & corner legs of the pond with black color as well. Black color seems nice for this pond.


Hence installing a glass window in a DIY backyard garden pond is complete. In my previous tutorials, I provided steps for building the pond. Have a look at other tutorials of making the pond below:

Also, let me know in the comments below which fish would you suggest to keep in the pond?

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