Which Filter is Best for the Dwarf Gourami Fish Tank?

Dwarf Gouramis like low water flow because in the wild they live in slow moving water. They need a filter that could clean all the mess produced by the fish & plants as well as the remaining food. They need clean water that is free from all the contaminants. Many experts suggest using a canister or a hang on back filter for a Dwarf Gourami tank with an adjustable flow rate. It is recommended to reduce the water flow of the filter.

Which Filter is Best for Dwarf Gourami Aquarium?
Which Filter is Best for the Dwarf Gourami Aquarium?

If you have large Dwarf Gouramis, then experts suggest using a canister or a hang on back filter. If you have Honey or Sparkling Gouramis, then it is suggested to use a sponge filter in their aquarium. Sponge filters operate using an air pump so they produce low water flow in the aquarium. Attach an air stone to the air tube to reduce the bubbling noise of the sponge filter.

Make sure your filter does not produce a loud noise because Dwarf Gouramis are afraid of loud noises. When they hear a loud noise, they quickly hide, & therefore they could be trapped in tight places.


Purpose of Mechanical & Biological Filtration Media:

Mechanical filtration media is responsible for removing physical waste products from the water. For wiping out the soluble chemical compounds, you will need biological filtration media. Good bacteria grows on the bio media after the end of the nitrogen cycle. Useful bacteria is responsible for wiping out the pollutants released from the rotten diet, fish poop & other impure matter.

There are three different types of foams / sponges for mechanical media. For bio media, varieties of media are available that have different roles & cleaning efficiency.


Order of Filtration Media inside a Filter:

The order of filtration media is as follows: biological media should follow mechanical media. Water containing solid waste particles will enter the mechanical media chamber, & will be trapped. However, water free of all physical impurities will enter the bio media, & it will react with the useful bacteria, & only clean water will be allowed to flow back to the aquarium.


Mechanical Filtration Media:

Coarse foam will remove all big solid particles, while medium particles will be trapped by medium foam, & very tiny particles that can flow through the medium foam, will not escape the fine foam. Therefore, foams should be arranged in the following order: Fine foam should follow medium & coarse foam. If the order is changed, then fine foam will clog quickly if large particles are stuck in it.


Biological Filtration Media:

Biological filter media includes ceramic rings, bio balls, etc. Ordinary bio media only allows nitrifying bacteria to grow on its surface. However, some of them like ceramic rings let both nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria grow on them. Nitrifying bacteria cannot remove nitrates from the water, & in the end of the nitrogen cycle, nitrates remain. However, denitrifying bacteria can wipe out nitrates too.

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