Which Filter is Best for the Tiger Barbs Fish Tank?

Every fish tank needs a filter because organic matter decomposes over time, & without using a filter, level of nitrates & phosphates increase in the aquarium water. More uses of aquarium filters include oxygenation & circulation of water in the aquarium. Without proper circulation, your aquarium will have dead spots. Fish breathe in oxygen, & breathe out CO2 so adding oxygen from the atmosphere is highly recommended.

Best Aquarium Filter for Tiger Barbs:

Large shoals of Tiger Barbs produce lots of poop so a filter is mandatory for them. Filter in Tiger Barbs aquarium will clean water. Partial water changes are very important too because they lower the dangerous chemicals, & add fresh minerals to the aquarium water.

Tiger Barbs need an aquarium that holds at least 20 gallons of water. I would suggest you use a hang on back filter for Tiger Barbs. It can efficiently clean water, & keeps water clean for many years, but make sure that your HOB filter has an adjustable flow rate because Tiger Barbs do not like turbulence. Any other filter having a low flow rate or designed for a small aquarium can work for Tiger Barbs.

If you want to use an HOB filter, then my suggestion is to use the Aquaclear Power filter for Tiger Barbs. It can clear your tank water for years. Make sure you buy an Aquaclear power filter that meets your aquarium size.

More options include a submersible filter with an adjustable flow rate or an undergravel filter that produces low flow rate & copies the wild environment of Tiger Barbs.


How to Setup Filtration Media:

Filters have two types of filtration media: Mechanical & biological. Chemical filtration media is optional so it can be skipped. For Mechanical filtration media, use foams or sponges. For Biological filtration media, use ceramic and / or other types of bio media. Mechanical filter media should be setup before bio media. Mechanical media will trap all the solid particles such as fish waste, uneaten food, dead leaves of plants etc. Water free of solid particles will enter the bio media compartment where heaps of useful bacteria will wipe out all the poisonous chemical compounds. Clean water will flow back to the aquarium.

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