Breed and sell best invertebrates like Mystery Snails & Red Cherry Shrimps for money:

It is a wise idea to breed invertebrates because they are in high demand & fish keepers mostly focus on breeding fish. Red cherry shrimps eat algae & mystery snails can help you in cleaning aquariums. Many aquarists keep mystery snails & red cherry shrimps in the community aquariums. They add many plants in the aquarium so that when invertebrates give birth to babies then the juveniles can save themselves from the fish.

Pros of invertebrates is that you can make money in breeding them. They are very easy to breed & fries mostly feed on algae. However, they also need suitable conditions for breeding & ideal water parameters. In this article I have explained the breeding procedure of mystery snail & red cherry shrimp.


Breeding Mystery Snail for Money:

Mystery snails are very famous creatures in aquarium hobby. They move slowly & live peacefully in community tanks & the best thing about them is that they can clean your aquarium.


Other Names of Mystery Snail:

Mystery snails have multiple names & its scientific name is Pomacea bridgesii. Also, people call it apple snail, miracle snail, golden snail, inca snail & cherry snail.


Spawning Apple Snail:

Keeping & breeding apple snails is easy.

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Baby mystery snail color:

If you want to breed mystery snails then it is very important to choose the color that you want to spawn. Certain colors of mystery snails can breed to give diverse colors such as:

Golden x Wild / Blue = Jade.

If you mate different color snails then the clutches of eggs could give you surprising outcomes such as you can get little shrimps of rainbow colors.


Mystery snail gender:

Mature apple snails are about a quarter or bigger in size. Apple snails can grow to adulthood very fast.

It is very difficult to differentiate between mystery snail gender. Buy at least 5 to 6 mystery snails so there is a greater chance that both genders are available.


Increase water temperature:

Increasing water temperature will help spawning. Raise the temperature slowly like increasing one degree every two days till the water temperature reaches between 73 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit.


Mystery snail Ideal PH:

Ideal pH for mystery snail is between 7.0 to 8.0.


Offer healthy food to mystery snails:

Offer healthy diets to mystery snails to stimulate spawning & producing eggs.

Feed them calcium & protein as well as veggies. If you offer them healthy diets then they will deposit more eggs.


Mystery snails tank maintenance:

Also keep water clean with regular maintenance. If the water condition is not good then it could stress apple snails & deject spawning.

Lower water level at least 3 to 7 inches so that apple snail can find a location to lay clutches.

After spawning, apple snails deposit eggs over water level so that oxygen is available all the time.

Use a tank cover so that humidity can form in the aquarium.


Mystery snails mating:

After mating, take the female apple snail to another aquarium where she can deposit eggs. You can keep all pregnant females in one aquarium.


Female mystery snail will deposit eggs:

Female snails can deposit eggs based on the temperature of water. If tank temperature is kept warm then she will deposit eggs sooner.

Female mystery snail crawls from the water & lays eggs on the aquarium wall. Eggs take around 15 to 24 days in hatching.

But normally she takes from two to four weeks to lay eggs.

Do not keep predators in the aquarium otherwise they will eat the little snails after hatching.


Baby mystery snails:

When eggs hatch, you will see baby snails. They are very delicate & sweet.

Little snails seem like their parents. Snails when hatch from the eggs fall to the aquarium’s bottom to start living in the same aquarium & eat the same diet similar to adult snails.

Spawning can produce hundreds of little snails.

So, prepare in advance for a larger aquarium if you want to breed apple snails because as they grow, they will need more space.

Female snails may lay eggs that would have no babies if they haven’t mated.


Food for mystery snail babies:

Babies mostly eat algae after hatching. Cover your aquarium so that eggs remain humid otherwise they will dry out.











Black, Brown, Purple, Blue, Purple, White & Gold


1 Year


2 Inches





Min. Aquarium Size

5 Gallon

Aquarium Set-Up

Medium Plantation

Tank Mates



Breeding Red Cherry Shrimp for profit:

Red Cherry Shrimp are available in multiple colors but the famous color among them is red. This color has been achieved through many years of selective spawning.

They are recommended for beginners because they can tolerate harsh water conditions. It isn’t hard to spawn them.

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Breed and Sell Top Invertebrates For Profit
Breed and Sell Top Invertebrates For Profit

Spawning Red Cherry Shrimp:

It is very easy to spawn red cherry shrimps in captivity.


RCS Aquarium Mates:

Prepare an aquarium specifically for red cherry shrimps. Do not add any fish to it & allow just RCS species to live in that aquarium. Fish will eat RCS babies so only keep RCS together. Babies can be raised safely in this tank.


RCS Gender:

When babies raise to maturity then you will be able to tell their gender. Male RCS are lighter in texture & offer lower red color than the female RCS.


RCS Pair:

Buy at least 10 RCS before breeding. You can get them for a low price. Buying 10 will give you a better ratio of both genders.


Increase temperature:

As you raise water temperature then it mimics the summer weather & it stimulates RCS to start spawning.

Raise temperature of water to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The ideal temperature is between 77 to 81 degrees Fahrenheit. Raising water temperature will encourage spawning.


RCS Ideal PH:

Keep PH of water between 6.5 to 8.0. After the female lays eggs, she will keep them beneath her tail till hatching.


Increase water hardness:

Put patches of plant cover in your aquarium to lower the stress level of RCS & offer them safety required for spawning. Along with increasing water temperature, increase relative water hardness too for faster spawning. If tank water is hard then it indicates that calcium & minerals are higher which is required for eggs development.  


Healthy food for RCS:

Offer RCS a balanced food of fresh vegetables & store diets. Vegetables are best for the health of the RCS. Offer your RCS, flakes, pellets & shrimp diets.

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RCS will deposit eggs:

If everything goes right, then in weeks you will be able to see female RCS with rows of hundreds of eggs underneath their tails. Female shrimp will fan their eggs to keep them aerated & clean.


Aerate water:

Use an oxygenator such as an air stone & an air pump for oxygenation of water.


Cover filter intake:

Cover the intake of your filter with a sponge to stop it from sucking baby shrimps.


RCS babies:

Baby shrimps will resemble their parents after hatching. The babies don’t have larval stages & seem like a duplicate of their parents.


Avoid predators:

Do not keep fish in the same aquarium because they will not hesitate in eating the little shrimps. If you have fish in the same spawning aquarium then offer lots of hiding spots for the juveniles to hide from the predators but still, they will be in danger.


Food for RCS babies:

The little shrimps will feed on the same diet that their parents eat. Adding aquarium plants like java moss, Christmas moss & more plants that grow slowly in tanks will offer shrimps food & hiding spots, & they will grow fast. Slow growing aquatic plants offer shrimps microfauna & more diets.






Care Level





1 to 2 Years


1.5 Inches





Minimum Tank Size

5 Gallons

Tank Set-Up

Planted Tank

Aquarium Mates

Other Red Cherry Shrimps

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