Best Profitable Fish for Breeding and Selling:

Reproducing fish can help you in earning, & you can start a fish business with a few hundred dollars. Always start your fish breeding business small & if you are successful then expand it.

The best way to start a fish business is to buy a few aquariums. Add ready to breed fish. Buy paired fish from a fish store so you don’t have to waste time & effort pairing them. Then setup a suitable setting inside the aquarium that encourages fish to breed.


Fish business depends on the following factors:

If you are looking for profitable fish for breeding & selling then it depends on your experience level, resources available at your location, your geographical location, available fish food & more. Your experience level determines whether you are an expert or beginner fish keeper & breeder.


Fish recommended for expert breeders:

Expert aquarists can breed expensive fish that can help them earn many dollars for selling one fish. Rare fish are at times hard to mate, breed, or they lay less eggs than cheap fish which reduces their numbers. Experts know how to provide the right environment to encourage expensive fish to mate, spawn, & they can take care of the eggs & babies. It is however difficult to sell expensive fish because just some of the aquarists will pay over a hundred dollars for buying one fish. Not everyone will buy from you because your fish could be ill. Experts have a better credibility & people trust them. They know where to sell the expensive fish & a lot of online buyers buy fish from popular breeders.


Fish recommended for new breeders:

But it seems easy to sell cheap fish that costs a few dollars. However, you won’t earn lots of money for selling a batch of inexpensive fish. But still, you can earn some decent cash & pay the expenses of your fish hobby.


How to save money when breeding fish:

Watch out for the fish popular in your area because you can easily sell them. Also, see fish that meet the temperature conditions of your area because you won’t have to use an aquarium heater & can save the bills. Your geographical location is very important if you want to become a successful breeder. Also, offer homemade food to your fish because it can save lots of money. Do web research to find the fish that suits you.


Breeding Features of the Fish:

Every fish suitable for tanks is fine for breeding & it can help you earn money. But not everyone has access to ideal conditions, so it is very important to decide the fish that is the right choice for spawning.

Following features will help you in choosing the right fish for earning money.


How simple is it to spawn your fish?

Every fish spawn in a different way. Livebearers raise their babies inside their bellies & offer nutrients to them. Then it releases the offspring.

Fish that lay eggs may even eat their babies.

If your fish spawn simply & quickly, then they will help you make more wealth. If you want to start a fish business then my recommendation is to breed platies, swordtails & mollies because they breed on its own if you have both male & female in your aquarium.


Number of fish born & their chances of survival:

If your fish are able to give birth to babies in a single batch then you will earn more money. Also, it is very important to consider the survival rate of your newly born fish.

If your fish can give birth to hundreds of babies in a single batch but their survival chances are less, then your fish is not good for making income.

It is crucial to provide a suitable environment to your fish & babies if you want more survival chances.

Remove parents from the babies’ tank if they belong to the category of fish who eat their own babies.


How many times does your fish breed?

If your fish spawns quickly then they will give birth to more babies & will help in making more income.

Also, you will have a steady stock of young fish that you can sell throughout the year, which can help you earn more wealth.


What is the value of your fish?

You are spawning fish for making wealth, so it is very important to choose high value fish. Don’t go for a fish that has simple requirements for spawning, & it spawns frequently, but it is not expensive or not having high demand in your region.

The worth of fish will be based on different features including how beautiful it looks, what is its cultural importance, & how unique it is.

Dwarf Cichlids:

My suggestion is to start breeding comparatively simple fish. Dwarf Cichlids can help you earn decent income & they have low requirements.


Setup a breeding tank for Dwarf Cichlids:

Provide a 75 cm aquarium, use a tank filter, a heater, a planted aquarium, & structures are enough for breeding this fish.

Their ideal water conditions include soft & little acidic water.

Dwarf Cichlids like tanks with an abundance of hard-leafed plantations. They are shy species, & are best for community aquariums, but do not keep them with non-dwarf cichlids or aggressive fish.


Buy a bunch of young Dwarf Cichlids:

Purchase a bunch of Dwarf Cichlids & allow them to find mates. It is suggested to add a few males & several females Dwarf Cichlids to your aquarium.


How to encourage fish to breed:

Offer them frozen & live diets for 2 weeks & then copy the coming of the rainy season with a cool & little water change.


Female Dwarf Cichlids will deposit eggs in a cave:

Offer your fish abundance of clay pots or rocks that will act as caves & will help females to spawn. Female Dwarf Cichlids will use caves for laying eggs & male will fertilize them. When eggs are hatched then females will guard the babies until they grow to a size that they are able to save themselves. Then it is time to keep the young fish in another aquarium.


Dwarf Cichlids Fries:

Feed brine shrimp to the babies & feed them on a regular basis & change partial water frequently. Babies take longer to reach maturity & exhibit color which is the reason why breeding Dwarf Cichlids can help you make decent income.



Discus fish have round, laterally compressed, bodies like a disc. Discus is an expensive fish because they look pretty & it is hard to spawn them.


Setup a breeding tank for Discus:

It is costly to setup tank for breeding Discus. You can setup a separate aquarium for raising fries who need frequent water changes & quality food. If your tap water is ideal then it can save money for RO water because you need to do multiple water changes to lower nitrate levels because Discus is very sensitive to nitrates.


Buy paired Discus from Shop:

It is very important to buy paired Discus from the shop which is expensive. If you want to purchase a team of young fish, & want them to form pairs then it will take time & perhaps a pair might never form.

Discus like to select their tank mates so many aquarium owners purchase several fish (about 5 to 10) at a younger age. When you see 2 Discus fish pairing off then it is time to add them to a new tank. Always look for a paired Discus because they normally remain mates for a lifetime.

Also, if the fish shop owner allows you to observe the fish for some time then you can find a breeding pair by carefully looking at them. This will help you in getting a good pair.


Female Discus will deposit eggs:

After you are done with setting up the spawning aquarium then offer your fish different healthy live & frozen dried diets. They will encourage your fish to breed by conditioning them. They will then find a suitable place in the aquarium for laying eggs & male will guard them. Do not keep other fish in the same aquarium because during breeding, your Discus will be very aggressive towards other fish & could hurt them in saving their eggs.

When it is time to breed, females will deposit a few eggs in the spawning area & male will quickly fertilize them. As the breeding proceeds, females will lay many eggs & she will guard the area while male fertilize them. After the breeding process ends, parents will protect their eggs, & will fan the water around them using fins to stop fungus from growing.


Discus Fries:

It will take around 50 to 60 hours for the eggs to hatch & babies will need a few days to swim freely in the aquarium. Babies will follow their parents while swimming around the aquarium, & will eat the layer of mucus that develops on the parents’ bodies.

After babies stay with the parents for about 10 to 14 days, it is time to keep the young ones in another aquarium.


Zebra Pleco:

Zebra Pleco is an exciting & different fish that will grab the attention of viewers.


Setup a Breeding Tank for Zebra Pleco:

Tank setup for Zebra Pleco is not that expensive as Discus but it is hard to spawn Zebra Pleco & take care of the babies. It is very important to provide clean water & softer conditions for the fish. Your fish will need RO water. Also, Zebra Pleco only lays 15 eggs in a clutch so you can’t sell many fish.


Cost of Zebra Pleco:

Zebra Pleco is a very expensive fish & can cost around £150.


How to encourage fish to breed:

Zebra Pleco often spawn in aquariums. You can easily start the breeding process using a few water changes.

In their wild habitat, Zebra Pleco breed in the warm raining season. It happens from July to September.

For breeding Zebra Pleco, raise the water temperature to about 82 Degrees Fahrenheit. Then add oxygen in tank water using an air stone & pump.


Female Zebra Pleco will deposit eggs in a cave:

Female Zebra Pleco will get pregnant. She will deposit around 15 eggs & male will fertilize them.

Male will be guarding the cave. He will remain there even if eggs are hatched.


Zebra Pleco Fries:

Newborn fries will eat egg sacs for a few days then it is suggested to offer them powdered fry diet before feeding them baby brine shrimp.

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