How To Make Money From Breeding Aquarium Fish, Live Food And Invertebrates:

A lot of people are wondering whether is it possible to make profit for breeding & selling fish? My answer is yes but it needs research, hard work & expertise in breeding and raising fish for money if you really want to get profit or recover the money that you put in fish keeping hobby. You can buy some costly fish from the fish store, breed them & sell them in the market for a decent price.

Also it is very important to live in a warm climatic region, be an expert fish keeper & breed many fish if you really want to do business. I might hurt you but if you put the same effort of breeding fish in other businesses then you can earn more money because fish farm breeds & sells millions of fish for a reasonable price. Also if you start selling fish in bags, then fish stores might not buy it from you. So it is always very important to do research, visit fish stores & ask their requirements. They will tell you about the fish that sells a lot & may agree to buy it from you but first it is very important to find the fish that is easy to raise in your location. Choosing profitable fish is the key to start breeding & selling fish business. It also needs time & hard work because fish poops a lot & needs filtration, as well as regular water changes. Also fresh tap water needs de-chlorination before adding it to your aquarium. Also if you are a beginner in fish keeping then may be you won’t be able to recover the price from raising fish babies. It is because you are competing against fish farms that raise millions of fish & can’t make very big profits for selling fish.

I did not mean to hurt you because it is never more enjoyable to turn your hobby into business because this is how you can enjoy what you are doing.

Breed and sell aquarists’ favorite fish for profit:

I think it is a wise idea to start with the fish that sells well & fish stores can offer you better information about the fish that sells well. Also they may be interested in buying that fish from you. Do not start with the fish that have low demand because you might not be able to sell them. Visit local fish store & get information about which fish they are looking for. But if you are looking for fish that are always in high demand then you can choose mollies, platies, guppies & bristlenose plecos that are beginners fish & even a novice can breed them & sell them for money.

How To Make Money From Breeding Aquarium Fish
How To Make Money From Breeding Aquarium Fish
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If you are paying attention then you might lose your money, because you can’t earn a lot in breeding & selling aquarists’ favorite fish & can’t sell them before they are young. If you are breeding fish then it is recommended to set your heater to minimum, & make your own food for fish. Keep your aquarium in a warm room because this way you won’t need high heating. Making food is another challenge. You can start with mosquito larvae, worms & vegetables that you can grow in your home that can really save you some bucks for buying fish food.


Breed and sell invertebrates for money:

There is one more way to earn cash for breeding & selling fish if you choose invertebrates. Such fish are rare & not available in local fish shops, & a lot of aquarists are not selling them. Read information on the internet if you want to breed and sell oddballs because your choice should be based on your location & demand.

Oddballs include snails, shrimp or other exotic type of fish for example blind cave tetras. You can’t make big profit for selling oddballs but they are in high demand, & they are very rare.


Breed Live Food and sell them for a decent profit:

It is easy to sell live food because it is in high demand. Live foods reproduce quickly & you can earn lots of money for selling them that surpass the price for selling fish.

Do a good research before starting with selling fish diet. If there are already people selling live food in your region, then it is difficult to make money in this business. But if you can’t find many competitors then selling live fish food is very profitable.

Live food does not need high care for breeding & raising like fish or invertebrates. When you lose your live food then it won’t cost much as compared to losing a fish.

Live food includes micro worms, wingless fruit flies, blackworms (they are in high demand because it is very difficult to find them), pesticide free earthworms, white worms, grindal worms & vinegar eels.


Breed Rare, Costly Fish:

Fish breeders & sellers choose rare, costly fish for making profit. Such fish are usually not recommended for starters & cost your lots of money for buying them & setting up aquarium because expensive fish usually have high requirements & maintenance, & breeding & raising them is a challenge. Expensive fish are difficult to breed & they are usually not recommended for beginners.

Breeding and selling expensive and rare fish
Breeding and selling expensive and rare fish
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Expensive & rare fish often needs expertise but if you are good enough in this hobby then you can make dollars for selling rare & costly fish in the market.

One expensive fish can cost hundreds of dollars which makes them difficult to sell because not everyone can spend this much money for a single fish. Due to shallow market, a lot of fish breeders do not breed expensive fish instead they breed fish that sells well.


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