Best Cheap LED Lights for Planted Aquarium:

For growing plants in aquarium you need substrate, fertilizers & water conditions required for growing plants in aquarium. There are a number of cheap aquarium lights that can help you watch your fish & help fish find food, & provide essential vitamins to inhabitants. Also live plants need good light source. Better lights come at high cost but there are low budget lights available too. If you want to keep aquatic plants, then we recommend adding quality LED lights that are far better than other lights available in the market. Live plants create lot of mess but they are easy to grow in aquarium without needing much care.

Light is required for the photosynthesis of the plants. In case of good lighting, plants can absorb CO2 that fish release. If you keep very bright lights, then it might increase the growth of algae in aquarium. It is important to consider light requirements because in case of low lighting, your plants will die & if you have very bright lights then it will increase the growth of algae which will change the color of aquarium water to green. Make sure you adjust brightness of LED lights that you add to the aquarium but still there will be at least some algae growing on tank glass & rocks. To some extent, algae gives a better look to your aquarium & your fish eats them. Higher levels of algae is undesirable.

LED Lighting for Planted Aquarium
LED Lighting for Planted Aquarium
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Best Aquarium Lights for Beginners:

I think that it is very important for novice to know a few basics before choosing aquarium lights that work best for beginners. If your tank is placed close to a window & sun light can lighten room, then your aquarium needs only 5 hours of tank lights. But do not allow direct sunlight to hit your tank because in that case, you will have uncontrollable growth of algae, even if you do not have any tank lights. It is advisable to keep your aquarium in a location where sun light can enter but does not hit your aquarium. Turn on tank lights for at least 8 hours every day but in case you want to watch your fish in evening then you can turn on lights for up to 12 hours in a day.

Aquarium LED lights can do great in growing live plants & you can install cheap LED aquarium lights that can work great & can help in growth of your tank plants.

LED lights has a light spectrum that can help live plants grow best & it is affordable & can cost less energy as compared to other aquarium lights.


Types of Planted Tank LED Lighting:

You can use waterproof LED lights that is submerged in water. It has a beautiful appearance, & can beautify your aquarium with a descent appearance of lights from behind live plants & structures.

You can also use spotlight effect LED lights. Install them above any plant or decoration that you want to highlight. You can install LED spot effect lights inside water too that can shine up your live plant or can make amazing effects.

Also other types of LED lights include the one that you can control using remote that has an abundance of colors & intensity of LED lights.

Another amazing LED light is moonlight. You can use them at night & see the appearance of fish in dark.


Timer for Planted Aquarium LED Lights:

One of the best aquarium lights that we recommend for beginners are LED lighting. Even having such a good source of light is not enough because it is advised to turn on lights for 8 hours a day & not more than 12 hours per day.

A timer is a good option that can let you turn on planted aquarium lighting for a specific amount of time & then it turns it off to reduce algae growth. Timer is a good equipment that can be connected with planted tank lighting to ensure you are not wasting energy & some of the fish might get stressed in excessive lighting. Make sure you read about the lighting requirements for the kinds of fish & plants you have in aquarium. For plants to absorb carbon dioxide that help in their growth, planted tank lighting is a good alternative to direct sun light. Too much lighting or direct sun light can damage your plants so make sure you have adequate lighting source & lights intensity meets aquarium inhabitants & live plants.


Which LED light is cheap and still the best choice for your fish tank?

Many cheap and expensive planted LED lights can be purchased. Not every light is best for your fish tank. Make sure you consider a few things before you opt to buy quality LED lights for your aquarium.


What is the Size of your fish tank:

It is very important to know the size of tank for which you want to buy LED lights. It can save your money & can save your fish & plants. Otherwise if your aquarium has low or too bright lights then it could kill your live plants. It can also enhance growth of unwanted algae. Keeping lights low in planted aquarium has its own drawbacks because it can affect your plants & fish health. Choosing the right LED light for right fish tank is your first priority.

If your tank size is larger, then it needs bright LED lights. Also in case your tank is extremely large & it has lots of space that you need to light up, then choose LED lights that provide vast coverage & it has a widespread intensity.


What types of live plants are you keeping in fish tank:

Another important consideration is the type of plants you are keeping in fish tank. If your live plants & corals are growing, then it will require a different level of intensity of aquarium light & the requirement of lights will be different at other stages of live plants life cycle.

Every plant has its own needs for LED lights. Select the right choice for right fish tank.


Intensity of LED lights & its spectrum:

Planted LED tank lights have variety of intensities & colored spectrums. This can help you in choosing the right light for the right tank. You can offer the best lighting levels & types for a variety of live plants & can help them grow well in different phases of growth. Plants need their own intensity & colors of LED lights at their specific growing stages.


Cost of LED Lights & available budget:

A very important factor that you need to consider is the amount of money you have in your pocket. You can pretty much find cheap or expensive LED lights because there are huge variety of best aquarium lights available for beginner & expert fish keepers, & each of them has its own price tag.

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