How to build a DIY Mini Aquaponics Filter at Home for Betta Fish:

Filter is very crucial for every fish tank. If you want to buy or build a fish tank, then it is very important to setup a filer that can work efficiently in your aquarium. For big tanks, make sure you use a powerful pump that draws a large amount of water into filter. Filter has the advantage of removing waste particles & it can help in oxidizing water & can produce beneficial bacteria which can help in decomposing the waste into less toxic components & you can simply remove them from aquarium water.

Aquarists like building DIY tank filters at home & on this website you can find plenty of DIY filters that can help you in cleaning the aquarium water. Today I am telling you how to setup DIY aquaponics filter.

I am using a spare parts container for building this filter. There are 3 compartments in the filter, first compartment stores mechanical filter media, & the rest of 2 compartments are used for storing herbs. I am using washer on the tap and also hose connector which can offer double seal & there is no need to add silicon for sealing the connections. I have already tested the filter for water flow & leaks before using it to clean my mini betta aquarium. A pump is used for powering DIY mini aquaponics filter.

How to build mini aquaponics filter for betta tank
How to build mini aquaponics filter for betta fish tank

You can build your own aquaponics aquarium using multiple ways & today I am going to describe one of the easiest way to make DIY aquaponics aquarium for fish. You can also buy aquaponics system configuration from fish shop & can assemble it but there is an easy, cost effective & alternative way of building aquaponics filter that can crystal clear your aquarium water. It is a wise idea to go for a big aquaponics aquarium system that can filter your aquarium water & it has herbs & vegetables for efficient biological filtration.

I had a dream of making mini aquaponics filter for my fish at home. It is very simple to build at home & you can make it using household stuff.

A spare parts container is used for this project that has 3 compartments. First compartment holds mechanical filtration media, & the remaining 2 compartments are used for storing herbs. Canna clay pebbles or hydroton offers the top media to grow plants in aquarium water & you can also choose a netted pot. The design for this DIY Aquaponics is for novice & you can simply setup aquaponics filter at home. You can use a submersible pump for pushing water into the filter & this filter is setup outside water. After mechanical filtration of aquarium water then water flows through potted plants & enter aquarium using an outlet.


Ingredients required for building DIY Aquaponics Filter at Home:

  • Spare parts tray: 30 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm (L x W x H) – it is the container used to house every item of aquaponics filter such as mechanical filter media & herbs
  • Netted pot is used to store mechanical filtration media
  • Submersible powerhead is used for drawing water into filter
  • Water hose is used to connect submersible pump to aquaponics filter
  • Water Tap: 20 mm fine threaded – it is used for water to comeback to aquarium after filtration
  • Couple of attachments are used to connect blue hose to submersible pump outlet
  • Inlet hose for tank filter is 16 mm & the outlet tap is 20 mm, which makes water run smoothly without any issue of overflowing. My mini aquarium filter is the right choice for my mini tank. Using the same process can help you make a larger filter for a larger tank.


Mechanical Filtration:

Mechanical filter media is used for removing debris & fish waste from aquarium water. I would recommend using 2 types of foams: coarse & fine. Using coarse foam can help in removing all large particles & then using fine foam can assist in providing efficient filtration. Only water free of waste can flow through biological filtration media. There is no need to add carbon dioxide or fertilizers if you are keeping plants in aquariums with fish.


Biological Filtration:

Biological filtration is very important type of filtration & lack of biological filtration can result in killing most of your fish. I am using clay pebbles & herbs that can help in providing bio filtration. Waste produced by fish is used by the plants as nutrition.


Steps for making DIY aquaponics filter at home:

It is recommended to follow every step correctly if you want to make a seal proof DIY tank filter. Watch a tutorial below that shows how to make DIY aquaponics filter at home:

Make Mini Aquaponics Filter For Betta Fish Tank

Step 1:

Use spare parts tray for making the container. This tray can assist in building the top aquaponics filter. It has 3 compartments for storing mechanical & biological filter media. 

Step 2:

I am using a couple of attachments for attaching blue hose to submersible pump. Attach a pipe to the outlet of submersible pump. Then attach a thick pipe to the other side of the pipe that you have connected to powerhead. Ensure water does not leak through the pipes. And then attach aquarium filter inlet pipe to the submersible pump.


Step 3:

I drill a hole in the spare part tray using 20 mm paddle bit. I drill another hole for the inlet hose in the tray using a 16 mm paddle bit. Now sand the rough edges. Inlet hose is attached to submersible pump using a blue hose. 

Step 4:

A netted pot is used for holding coarse & fine foams. I have connected aquaponics filter to submersible pump using blue hose. Water Can tap allows water to flow back to the tank. I am using a fine threaded water tap on 20 mm size.

Step 5:

I have setup the water tap to the outlet hose. I am using hose connectors that come with garden hose. For tight seal I am using washer on both connections. All connections are then tested for leaks. I have filled my aquaponics filter with water, & I am glad that there is no leakage in container & hence silicone is not required.


Step 6:

For mechanical filtration I am using coarse & fine foams. Also sponge can be used instead of coarse foam. My mechanical filtration media is installed inside a netted pot. Coarse foam will remove all big particles & water with small particles will pass through fine foam. This way only clean water will flow ahead.

Step 7:

I have filled 2 pots with canna aqua. Then I rinse the clay pebbles with tap water. Make sure all the dirt is removed or otherwise it will pollute aquarium water. Later soak the balls for saturating the media.

Step 8:

I am using 2 herbs in my DIY aquaponics filter. One of the herb is potted basil & another one is potted oregano. Rinse the herb with water for removing dirt & fertilizers. Herbs & clay pebbles are used for biological filtration.

Step 9:

Connect the blue hose of filter to powerhead. Make sure DIY mini aquaponics filter is completely filled before you turn on the water tap for allowing water to flow back to aquarium. I have successful tested the DIY mini aquaponics filter & I am using it for my betta fish aquarium.

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