Breed Molly Fish For Money:

If you want to sell fish, then it needs knowledge about how to breed & raise them, & equipment that can be used for raising them. Many aquarists breed fish for profit & a lot of them want to know that whether it is possible to make money for breeding fish at home? The answer is Yes, but it is important to learn about government regulations & talk to pet store for selling fish. This will also help you in knowing how much money you can make for selling fish & which fish can give you more profit. Also you can learn from pet stores about what types of fish they are looking for so they will buy fish from you.


Selling Fish:

You can learn from pet stores about what they sell well in their stores & how much money they can pay you. It is important to know which fish sell well & which fish, pet stores will be ready to buy from you. Also look for opportunities of selling fish online, because this way you can earn more & people are making good profit for selling their pets online.

Breed Molly Fish For Profit
Breed Molly Fish For Profit
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Breed Choice and Equipment:

After talking to pet store owners, check out which fish can give you more profit for breeding in your region. Know about the growth rates & reproductive rates of every fish you want to breed, also know about the money you are going to spend on their food, & how to control sickness. Check out the equipment you require; your aquarium size & how big tank you will need for every stage of fish growth from fry to young. What type of filtration will be best for your fish & water quality better for your aquarium, including pH & water temperature?



Size of aquarium & oxygen needs of the fish determine size of container that can be used to transport fish. Use bags big enough for efficient transporting. Fill bags about one third full with water for small fish. Fill it halfway with water if size of the fish is 3 inches or larger. Talk to the shipper so that you know about their requirements. Do not feed your fish for 1 to 3 days before shipping, so that they do not poop in the bags. Boxes are available with an insulated foam inner cooler, which can perform a double duty as heat pack in the winter. Ship fish overnight, & ensure someone is at the recipient’s address for delivery. Also provide buyers a discount in price if they return packing materials.


What Are the top fish that can be bred for money?

If you want to know the fish that can give you more money for breeding & the one in high demand, then visit a local fish store & talk to the owner. You can learn about the fish that pet stores sell in mass quantities. Do not breed fish like discuss, stingrays, or rarer African cichlids due to their low demand because many aquarists do not prefer to keep them in aquarium. Instead breed fish like guppies, mollies, & more that can give you less profit but their demand is always high.

Usually beginners pay visit to fish shops so check out what kinds of fish beginners want to purchase by reading articles about the best hardy fish that beginners want to keep. Many novice aquarists want to keep small aquariums that need less maintenance, so nano species are always in high demand & your best choice. Even experts can keep small fish in big aquariums & because such fish can be kept in all sizes of tanks so aquarists are ready to buy them as compared to big fish.


Can You Make Money Through Selling Fish?

You can’t earn a lot if you want to sell fish from home so do not make it your full time job because other careers can let you earn more wealth for the same working hours & hard work. Fish farms can earn very slim money for every individual fish despite they sell millions of fish but they sell each fish for less than 1 dollar. By making this hobby as a side business you can earn money that can be paid for your aquarium hobby expenses. This way you can’t lose money for keeping fish & earn some profit if you show more effort. Do not invest too much money in breeding & selling fish. Start a small business & do not purchase many aquariums & equipment in the start.


What are the required equipment for Breeding Fish?

You can breed many of the small fish in only 10 to 20-gallon aquarium, so start with just a 20-gallon aquarium, a heater, filter & some fish. If you earn some profit & are able to sell many of the fish, then you can check out more ways to raise your profit.

One of the idea is to add plants to your aquarium that you can sell for a decent profit. Java Moss is one of the profitable plant that grow easily & can offer cover to your fish babies & raise their chances of survival. Fish shops usually run out of java moss because of their slow growth rate so you can sell a bucket full of java moss for $20 a month. After adding java moss to a breeding aquarium, then it is possible to breed other species for example red cherry shrimp. You can get $25 profit a month for your 25 shrimp that you sell at $1 per fish. This can increase your monthly profit to $70 every month or $840 every year with just a single tank.  

Breeding Molly Fish For Profit:

If you are a new aquarist or not interested in doing research about what types of fish you can breed for money or what types of fish are in high demand then we recommend you to start with molly fish because it is a beginners fish & does not need any type of requirement for mating & breeding. If you have male & female in the same tank then they will breed on its own. Also every aquarist likes to have molly in aquarium because of its beautiful look & colors. Molly is a choice of beginners & many new aquarists keep mollies in their small tanks. So, in this article I have explained how to breed molly fish for profit & price of different kinds of molly fish.

Molly is a fresh water fish & it belongs to Poeciliidae family. It is a livebearer which means it does not lay eggs. Eggs of Molly fish are developed inside female molly body & it hatch & fries are born inside female body. Fries leave the mother body when it is able to swim.

Molly is able to live for 5 years when tank conditions are ideal for it.

Molly is an active & hardy fish & it likes to live in groups, it is peaceful & you can keep it with other peaceful species. It is a beautiful fish & available for cheap price. Many pet stores keep molly fish & it sells well.

Category of Molly


Level of Care




Available Colors



Can live up to 5 years


Omnivores, can eat vegetables & live food



Minimum Aquarium Size

10 Gallons

Aquarium Setup

Freshwater, Aquarium with Plants

Aquarium setup for molly fish is simple because it is a beginners fish & can live in normal tank conditions.

It likes planted tanks & you can place rocks & other structures in the tank for decoration & for providing a hiding place for fries. Also decorations can help stressed molly to hide & fries have more chances of survival when they are born because adults might consider them food & eat them.

Molly is a livebearer because it does not lay eggs & fries are born inside female body. Fries leave mother body when it grows & start swimming. It is easy to breed molly fish in tank & it is easy to mate them.

It is recommended to have better conditions of water in tank when you breed mollies. Clean water conditions & rise in temperature helps mollies in mating. Do not rise water temperature beyond 78 Degrees Fahrenheit. When female molly wants to mate then she will allow male molly to fertilize her eggs.

When eggs are fertilized then it will take around 35 to 45 days for the babies to release. Large female can give birth to even 100 babies.

Prepare a different aquarium for babies or it will be eaten by adults. You can add a breeder box & keep pregnant molly in it before it release babies. When babies are released from mother's body then it will leave compartment of the box where you have kept the mother through tiny holes into another compartment but mother will be trapped inside.

Fries can eat broken flakes until they grow young & start eating normal diets. Add young mollies to adult mollies tank when young eat the same food as adults.

Because of high demand of molly fish we recommend you to start with breeding molly fish because it can let you earn money & there are more chances for fries to survive. Large molly can give birth to even 100 fries. If you have male & female mollies in aquarium then it is difficult to stop them from mating. Have a look at the price of different kinds of molly fish below & choose the molly that suits you.

Price of Different Types of Molly Fish:

  • GOLD MOLLY FISH: $8.70

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