How To Earn Money In Fish Keeping Hobby:

Fish keeping is an expensive hobby. A lot of aquarists want to change their hobby into business because they love to keep fish & take care of them, & many aquarists are thinking about earning money too. In this article I have described various ways to earn money through fish keeping hobby. Always take care of your fish & do online research before starting any business. Expert hobbyists can help you because they will share their life experience with you. Have a look at various ways of making money through fish keeping hobby below:


Breed Fish for Money:

If you don’t know which fist to start with then it is a good idea to choose aquarists’ favorite fish because you can sell them easily. Many aquarists like to keep beginners fish that are easily to breed & raise, & need low maintenance. If you have a pair of favorite fish, then there are greater chances that they will breed on their own. These fish give birth to many fries at a time & soon you will have too many fish in your aquarium. Guppies, platies, & bristlenose plecos are beginners fish & you can breed them easily in captivity.

Breed expensive and rare fish for money
Breed expensive and rare fish for money

Also there are aquarists who want to take big risk by breeding rare & expensive fish that sells for hundreds of dollars. These fish are not for beginners & you need to spend lots of money on them. Buy a pair of rare & costly fish, & setup your aquarium for them. Usually they don’t breed easily so it is my recommendation to buy an already established pair.


Breed and Sell Plants:

A lot of hobbyists are busy in making an aquascape for their fish because that way they don’t have to spend money on filter, heater etc & instead can use plants for filtration & keep their aquarium in a warm room to avoid heater. A lot of hobbyists are looking for different plant species that can offer natural beauty to their aquarium.

Breed and sell plants
Breed and sell plants

You can breed fish & plants in the same aquarium to make profit. Fish needs fertilizers & carbon dioxide & in the availability of light they consume CO2 excreted by fish. Fish poop releases ammonia, & bio media converts this ammonia into nitrites & nitrites into nitrates. Ammonia is very toxic, nitrites is less toxic than ammonia, & nitrates is less toxic than nitrites. In case of high nitrates levels, your fish can still die. It is advisable to do regular water changes to lower nitrates levels in aquarium. Plants absorb nitrates which is a nutrition for them. Hence if you have plants in aquarium then there is no need to worry about nitrates because it is absorbed by plants which help in growth of plants. Fish & plants can help each other in growing.

It is advisable to breed plants for making money along with fish in the same tank.


Write articles about fish in blog and magazines:

It is a good idea to take photographs of your fish & write creative articles about them. If you write unique content & add photographs to it then it will make your articles unique & your website will receive high rank from Google. You can place ads on your articles which will pay you based on clicks & impressions.

Also you can write articles for magazines & can show them your website or blog, & they will be more interested in your content after seeing your work. It all depends on your creativity, writing skills & uniqueness. Contact magazines yourself, don’t wait for them to contact you.


Take Pictures & Make Videos of Fish:

It is easy to use professional camera, & you can visit local fish stores to take photographs of fish, plants & aquariums. You can either add these photographs to your blog or articles you have written for magazines to make your content unique or sell them.

Take photographs and make videos of fish
Take photographs and make videos of fish

Photographs of rare fish will likely pay you more money. Magazines, books & blogs will be ready to purchase pictures of rare fish that they can’t find elsewhere.

Also you can use these photographs to build your photo gallery & start your website with beautiful looking fish pictures. This way you only need to add pictures, & write caption of photo, & description of the fish & place etc.

Another way is to make videos of fish & aquarium, & the place you have visited. Upload these videos on Youtube & you can later add ads if your content gets many visitors.


Sell Your Old Fish Related Products:

In case you buy new products for aquarium hobby then you can put your old products on sale on Ebay, clubs & there are a number of Facebook pages where you can sell your old products. Don’t waste anything, as soon as you buy a new product, sell your old one. Clean your old products & take nice photographs before putting it on sale. Also write description of your product so that buyers can have a better idea that will increase chances of buying it from you because after reading product description, they can decide whether they need it. When you purchase any new product, do not throw its box, manual, & other accessories that are included in the box because your product will look genuine & new, & you can resell it for a good price. Take clear photographs of your old product, its box, accessories & pages of the manual. Buyers can read instruction manual that will help them how to use the product.

Sell your old fish related products
Sell your old fish related products

You can also use your old products to build your own aquarium related products & make video tutorials based on them. Start a Youtube channel for your Do It Yourself (DIY) tutorials & use your old products to build something new. This way you won’t have to buy stuff from the market & can use what you already have in home & help others make filter, aquariums, canopies etc at home that works best for the size of aquarium they have. Also later you can make a blog where you can embed video from Youtube & start posting articles & can add more content to it. This way you will earn more money through blog.


Take care of fish when owner is away:

It is a good idea to look after other people pets especially people who live close to your home when they are away on weekends or long vacations. You can offer food to their fish, & test aquarium water for ammonia, nitrites & nitrates. Also do a water change or filter cleaning for them if required. I haven’t seen many people doing this job & a lot of people keep fish at home so I am sure you can find people who needs your services.


Share your knowledge with others for money:

If you are a professional fish keeper having expertise in your field, then you can share your knowledge in return of money.

A lot of fish keepers are looking for ways to breed fish efficiently & want to know how to raise them, so you can help them in this regard.

Sharing knowledge can be done via Youtube or blogs, where you can share your experience & share photographs & videos for better understanding.

Having a better reputation & getting credibility for your work is very important before others consult you & use your services. Make a name for yourself first before aiming to do something & internet is the easiest option to do so. Start a blog & Youtube channel & get subscribers, & more likes & positive comments can help improve your credibility.

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