Easy to Grow and Ambient (Room) Light Aquarium Plants:

Many fish keepers are attracted towards aquatic plants because they are natural & look stunning. In addition, they offer a rich & healthy place for the aquarium inhabitants. New fish keepers often struggle to keep aquarium plants in their planted tanks. Many things should be considered when deciding which plants to keep.

It is recommended to choose the following factors when deciding aquatic plants. Light is essential for plants as they photosynthesize in the availability of light. During photosynthesis, plants absorb CO2 & release oxygen from their leaves. Now what intensity of light is beneficial for plants? For most of the plants, you will require bright LED lights otherwise plants will not survive in low lights.

More things to keep in mind when choosing the right plant include trimming & maintenance along with price, look, health & substrate.

New hobbyists look for shortcuts which means they are interested in low cost & low maintenance plants that grow well & healthy in any setting. If you are also looking for plants that have low requirements & can grow in ambient light, then we have 2 beginner friendly plants that are the right choice for you.

Easy to Grow & Room Light Aquarium Plants
Easy to Grow & Room Light Aquarium Plants

Vallisneria, & Cryptocoryne Lutea are 2 beginner friendly plants that can live healthy in room lights & have extremely low requirements. I have kept them in one of my tanks & my aquarium is placed in a room where sunlight is not directly hitting the tank. If sunlight hits the aquarium, then algae may grow out of control. Sunlight enters my room through the window, & light is not hitting my tank directly. My aquatic plants grow well in my room in an ambient setting.

Cryptocoryne Lutea:

Cryptocoryne lutea is usually placed in the midground or background of nano fish tanks. It grows slowly & offers texture without needing heaps of maintenance. In comparison to other aquatic plants, Cryptocoryne lutea is available at low price. For growing this plant, you can easily take the plant out of the pot, & plant it so that the crown is above the gravel. Before adding plants to the fish tank, it is recommended to clean them with water to stop adding illnesses to the aquarium.



Vallisneria also known as ‘Val’ is similar to Cryptocoryne lutea, as it also needs easy care & can grow well in ambient light. Vallisneria will produce new runners every 5 or 6 days that will develop into fresh plants. Val looks beautiful as it will grow to the top of the tank. Val is best for schools of fish & for spawning fish. The thick carpet of Val is a good place for fries to hide & save themselves from adult fish. Angelfish can stick their eggs onto Val’s leaves.

It is easy to maintain Val, as you can easily prune the plant when the older Vallisneria grows to the point that it shades out fresher plants. Many varieties of Vallisneria are available however, it is a good choice to begin with the normal Vallisneria as it is simple to grow, & then to branch out.

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