Top Benefits of Air Pump and Air Stone / Uses of Aerator or Bubbler in Aquarium:

Air pumps are used for multiple purposes such as aerating water, operating filters & decorations. Air bubbles coming from air pumps are noisy, & also air pumps can only add oxygen due to surface agitation where gas exchange takes place. For silencing an air pump, & adding heaps of tiny air bubbles that directly add oxygen in the water, you will need an air stone.


Benefits of Air Pump and Air Stone:

An aquarium air pump & air stone has heaps of benefits but in this post, I have added the main advantages of using an air pump & an air stone.


How to setup air pump & air stone in aquarium

1. Surface Agitation:

Surface agitation is very important for aquarium water because during this process carbon dioxide exhaled by fish is removed from the water & oxygen that fish breathe is added.

Without proper surface agitation, oxygen from the atmosphere can’t enter water, & extra CO2 in the water can’t leave water.

Frequent streams of bubbles will push CO2 to the water surface, causing surface agitation that will exhale CO2 from the water & adds oxygen.

If your fish are constantly breathing oxygen at the water surface, then it shows deficiency of oxygen in the water. An air pump is required to add more oxygen in the water.


2. Extra Oxygen:

Surface agitation can help in adding oxygen to the water. An air stone connected to an air pump can add numerous tiny oxygen bubbles that add heaps of oxygen directly in the water.


3. Operate Aquarium Decoration:

Many decorations need an air pump to create bubbles. These decorations look beautiful inside the water & air bubbles coming out of the decoration increase their beauty.


4. Operate Sponge Filters:

Air pumps are required for operating sponge filters. Sponge filters are available at a very low cost, & they are very efficient for biological filtration because they carry heaps of good bacteria.

Sponge filters do not come with powerheads so they only need an air pump for operating.

Sponge filters are used in small aquariums. Also, aquarists use them in breeding aquariums. Sponge filters do not suck fries & fries can scrape off the remaining food attached to the sponge.

For silencing sponge filters, an air stone should be connected.

You can shift sponge filters from one aquarium to another. If you have setup a new tank & haven’t cycled it yet, & can’t wait for weeks for useful bacteria growth, then add a sponge filter that already has heaps of good bacteria growing on the sponge.

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