Do Ranchu Goldfish need an aquarium heater, filter & lights?

Ranchu Goldfish, also known as Fancy Goldfish & Buffalo Head Goldfish is the most special species of Goldfish. The scientific name of Ranchu Goldfish is Carassius auratus. People claim that Ranchu is the king of every Goldfish species. You can easily recognize Ranchu Goldies by looking at their unique, fancy appearance. Ranchu Goldfish is the outcome of selective breeding. They are popular for their different, appealing traits. Ranchu Goldfish do not need a large aquarium because they are not strong swimmers & do not need lots of open space. You can keep a Juvenile Ranchu in only a 10-gallon aquarium. For a single adult Ranchu, a 30-gallon aquarium is fine that will keep him healthy by satisfying his needs. However some aquarists recommend a 55-gallon aquarium for one Ranchu.

If you want to setup & maintain a Ranchu Goldfish tank, it is crucial to provide a stable environment for them. After getting the right water parameters, it is important to watch the aquarium daily to make sure every parameter is in control.

Providing a natural aquarium environment is crucial for fancy goldfish. Nevertheless, fancy goldfish would adapt to your aquarium setting. Fancy goldfish are delicate so do not keep sharp or jagged objects in your fish tank that could harm their fins or body.

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Do Ranchu Goldfish need a heater, filter & lights?
Do Ranchu Goldfish need a heater, filter & lights?

Do Fancy Goldfish need an aquarium heater?

Fancy Goldfish prefer temperature between 65 to 75 °F. They prefer slightly cool water therefore, if you have placed your aquarium indoor, & your room temperature is between 65 & 75 °F, then there is no need to add an aquarium heater to their tank.


Do Fancy Goldfish need an aquarium filter?

An aquarium filter is recommended for Fancy goldfish because they are massive & produce heaps of poop. Due to the high waste produced by Ranchu, you will have heaps of ammonia build up. A large canister filter or a hang on back filter is best if you want to keep multiple Ranchu in your aquarium. Otherwise, if you plan to keep your aquarium bare bottom, then a fish poop filter works fine as it will trap the waste produced by goldfish.

Fancy Goldfish loves relatively cool aquarium water with a neutral pH. They do not prefer fast moving water, however love heaps of oxygen in water.


Do Fancy Goldfish need aquarium lights?

Ranchu goldfish are diurnal species that means they swim actively during day & sleep at night. If your aquarium is placed indoors, then it might not have adequate light, & may require an additional light in the aquarium hood. Your Fancy goldfish will be more active, will have less stress & will live healthier if you install an aquarium light. In addition, you will be able to see the beautiful colours of your fancy goldies. For fancy goldfish, it is recommended to leave your aquarium lights on for at least six to eight hours daily.

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