Do Severum Cichlids need an aquarium filter, heater or lights?

The Severum Cichlid fish are recommended for those who want to keep stunning fish that require low maintenance & can live peacefully with other fish.

The other names of Severum Cichlid are Heros severus, Banded Cichlid or Poor Man’s Discus.

The Severum Cichlid originated from South America, mainly from the Amazon Basin & parts of Northern Peru.

Severum Cichlid fish need at least a 45-gallon aquarium. Ideally, adult Severum need more than a hundred-gallon tank especially when you want to breed them. Adult Severum Cichlid grow from eight to twelve inches. Heros severus can live for five years in aquariums, however, they can survive for up to ten years in ideal conditions. In the wild, Banded Cichlids can survive for up to ten years. Keeping ideal conditions for Banded Cichlid will extend their life span. For providing the right conditions in captivity, make sure you save your Poor Man’s Discus from illnesses, offer them nutritious food, & keep water clean by installing a filter. Also, it is important to keep Poor Man’s Discus with good company. Stress will shorten the lifespan of your Poor Man’s Discus so make sure you monitor your fish & their activities to find out if they are in stress.

Heros Severus are omnivores, which means they gain energy from meat & plants. The ideal pH range of Banded Cichlid is from 6 to 7.5. The ideal temperature range of Banded Cichlid is from 75 to 85 °F.

Do Severum Cichlid need aquarium filter, heater or lights?
Do Severum Cichlid need aquarium filter, heater or lights?

Do Severum Cichlids need a filter?

Severum fish don’t need fast moving water. They can live happily in moderate water flow. Severum Cichlids are stressed when there is poisonous matter in the water such as fish waste, leftover food & other detritus that overtime will leach out toxic chemicals. The toxins released from organic substances require a filter for cleaning. Bio media inside the filter breaks down ammonia into nitrites & nitrates. Some of the bio media is responsible for removing nitrates from the aquarium water thus cleaning water hundred percent. It is recommended to keep ammonia, nitrites & nitrates at zero in your Severum Cichlid tank. Use test kits to monitor your water conditions.

As Severum Cichlids can grow up to a foot therefore they need a big filter like a canister or a hang on back filter. A large filter will wipe out the large poop of Severum Cichlid fish because they hold heaps of media in filter baskets to ensure that crystal clear water leaves the filter.


Do Severum Cichlids need an aquarium heater?

It is recommended to monitor the temperature of Severum Cichlids & keep it in control using a thermostat heater. Severum Cichlids need different degrees of hotness when they are breeding. Set higher temperatures when Severum Cichlids are breeding. Setting higher temperatures will not affect other non-breeding Severum Cichlids but may help the breeding pairs to lay thousands of eggs.

It is important to keep the temperature between 75 & 85 °F on normal days. During the breeding period, it is recommended to keep the temperature between 80 & 85 °F.


Do Severum Cichlids need aquarium lights?

Like other Cichlids, Severum Cichlids live happily in dim lighting. Severum Cichlids do not need special lighting therefore you can setup any lighting that you wish but ensure the light is not very bright. Do not keep plants & tank mates that need bright lights.

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