Review of Eheim Substrat Pro Aquarium Filter Bio Media:

Eheim Substrat Pro is a kind of bio media made in Germany. Porous glass beads of Eheim Substrat Pro are made with compression of very fine glass particles with one another. This process of compression is called sintering and it is responsible for creating highly porous beads. The porous surface of Substrat Pro beads lets colonies of useful bacteria grow over it.

Laboratory has used sintered glass such as Substrat Pro to develop heaps of beneficial bacteria in a controlled environment. It is the reason why this bio media is very good. Eheim has chosen this genius approach to make sintered pearl shaped glass beads to biologically clean aquarium water.

Eheim makes canister filters hence their media can be easily installed in canister filter baskets. Eheim bio media is the top choice for big canister filters that can work for freshwater and marine tanks.

Setup Substrat Pro in a mesh filter bag, & put it in your hang on back or canister filter.

Eheim bio media provides 1800 sq. feet of surface area for every gallon of volume, with heaps of space for growing useful bacteria.

The porous surface of the media lets heaps of anaerobic bacteria develop inside. Inside these pores, oxygen is unavailable so an abundance of anaerobic bacteria develops. Aerobic bacteria spreads over the outer surface of Substrat Pro where heaps of oxygen are responsible for breaking down ammonia into nitrites and nitrates. Nitrates are removed by anaerobic bacteria present inside the media.

Is Eheim Substrat Pro Bio Media worth its Cost?
Is Eheim Substrat Pro Bio Media worth its Cost?

Eheim Substrat Pro is a little expensive however, this media is worth its price as it offers pristine water by removing every organic impurity.

Advantages of Eheim Substrat Pro:

  • Glass beads will not break down in the aquarium.
  • Beads can be easily washed by cleaning the bio media with tank water.
  • Substrat Pro holds both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria for full cleaning of water contaminated by fish poop and other debris.
  • Substrat Pro offers lots of surface area for the growth of useful bacteria.
  • Substrat Pro can be used in freshwater and marine tanks.


Disadvantages of Eheim Substrat Pro:

  • Eheim Substrat Pro is slightly expensive.

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