Differences between Water Sprite VS Water Wisteria:

Both Water Wisteria & Water Sprite look similar in appearance but they are entirely different plants.

Water Sprite is a non-flowering plant but Water Wisteria produces flowers when it grows above the surface of water. Water Sprite has a bushy appearance but Water Wisteria has narrower leaves.

Water Wisteria can alter its leaf structure but Water Sprite is not able to do it. Water Sprite has a central growing point called rhizomes but Water Wisteria has stems & roots.

Both Water Wisteria & Water Sprite are bright green in colour, & both of them grow rapidly. Both of them are classified as tropical plants. Both of them are beginner plants because they need low requirements, & can grow in a variety of water conditions.

Water Wisteria is not as dense as Water Sprite.


Water Sprite:

The common names of Water Sprite are Water Fern, Indian Fern & Indian Water Fern.

Water Sprite can grow as a floating plant or it can grow when rooted in the gravel. It is difficult to anchor the roots of the plant in the gravel because it can simply uproot itself especially if there is water movement. The good news is that Water Sprite can grow as a free-floating plant.

Water Sprite does not need bright lights especially when you grow it as a floating plant. Carbon dioxide is not required for this plant but it likes liquid fertilizers.

The simplest method of propagating Water Sprite is to cut a few leaves of the plant & let it float freely over the water. Roots will develop & a new plant will be born.


Water Wisteria:

Water Wisteria grows simply, & can become as tall as 20 inches in height.

The Scientific name of Water Wisteria is Hygrophila difformis.

How to grow Water Wisteria?
How to grow Water Wisteria?

Similar to Water Sprite, Water Wisteria can grow as a floating plant or can be anchored in the gravel. Water Wisteria cannot uproot itself once its roots are anchored in the substrate. Water Wisteria can grow as a carpet plant if planted on its side so it produces flat leaves across the gravel.

Water Wisteria likes moderate to bright lights, & for ideal growth, they need liquid fertilizers.

How to propagate Water Wisteria?
How to propagate Water Wisteria?

When Water Wisteria reaches its maximum height, chop off the top 5 inches of the plant stem. The cuttings should have a few leaves because it will help the new plant in photosynthesis. Plant the cutting in the substrate, & it will develop roots & become a new plant.

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