Comparison of Eheim Substrat Pro VS Seachem Matrix: Which Bio Media is Better?

If you are looking forward to adding bio media to your aquarium filter, then two of the top Bio Media available in the market are Seachem Matrix & Eheim Substrat Pro.

As compared to Eheim Substrat Pro, more surface area is available with Seachem Matrix. Hence, Seachem Matrix is more efficient in wiping out ammonia byproducts.

In addition, Seachem Matrix has very tiny pores where denitrifying bacteria grows that wipe out nitrates. Eheim bio media is only effective at wiping out ammonia & nitrites.

Seachem Matrix is a better product when compared to Eheim Substrat Pro because it offers more surface area for growing good bacteria for consuming ammonia & nitrites. Seachem Matrix also houses anaerobic bacteria for removing nitrates while Eheim Substrat Pro only wipes out ammonia & nitrites.

Comparison of Seachem Matrix VS Eheim Substrat Pro
Comparison of Seachem Matrix VS Eheim Substrat Pro

Packaging Sizes:

Have a look at the available package sizing of both Seachem Matrix & Eheim Substrat Pro below:


EHEIM Substrat Pro:

  • 180 gram
  • 720 gram
  • 1440 gram
  • 3600 gram


Seachem Matrix:

  • 250 mL
  • 500 mL
  • 1 L
  • 2 L
  • 4 L


Compatible Aquarium Water:

Both Substrat Pro & Matrix are compatible for freshwater & marine fish tanks.


Nitrifying Bacteria:

Good bacteria is useful for wiping out ammonia & nitrites, & making aquarium water safe for fish. Fish waste & other detritus will over time poison water. They leach out ammonia, which is dangerous for aquarium pets. After the nitrogen cycle completes, good bacteria grow in abundance that break down ammonia into nitrites & nitrates. Nitrates are less dangerous than nitrites & ammonia. Fish can live with nitrates in the water. If fish are exposed to ammonia & nitrites, they will get stressed & even die.

Good bacteria grow everywhere in aquariums. Hence, both Seachem Matrix & Eheim Substrat pro offer heaps of room for the growth of good bacteria.

Eheim Substrat Pro is effective against ammonia & nitrites in low-stocked aquariums. They offer low surface area when compared to Seachem Matrix. Matrix is highly recommended for heavily stocked aquariums.


Denitrifying Bacteria:

The final product of the nitrogen cycle is nitrates. Higher numbers of nitrates are harmful for fish. Some fish like Discus are very sensitive to nitrates. Presence of even small amounts of nitrates can stress Discus or other sensitive fish. Therefore, it is important to control nitrates.

Denitrifying bacteria grow inside pores of bio media where oxygen is not present. They can wipe out nitrates from the water. Otherwise, nitrates level can be reduced with frequent water changes.

The Seachem Matrix has tiny pores where oxygen is not present. Therefore, Matrix houses denitrifying bacteria inside these pores, which consume nitrates. On the other hand, Substrat Pro cannot house denitrifying bacteria.



It is important to clean bio media as overtime the pores of the media are clogged with debris. If the pores of the media are clogged, then the bacteria living on these surfaces can die off.

It is important to wash bio media when performing water changes. You can simply take bio media out of the filter & wash them with aquarium water to remove detritus.

Both Eheim Substrat Pro & Seachem Matrix need maintenance.


Water Chemistry:

Both Eheim Substrat Pro & Seachem Matrix are inert so they should not change the pH or release anything in the aquarium water.


Life Span:

If you clean Eheim Substrat Pro & Seachem Matrix occasionally, then they will last a lifetime. If they somehow start to break apart, then it is recommended to change the broken parts.

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