Comparison of Biohome Ultimate VS Seachem Matrix: Which Bio Media is Better?

If you are looking forward to reducing nitrates in your fish tank, then two of the best filter media you can buy are the Seachem Matrix & Biohome Ultimate filter media. So, which one of them is better?

In comparison to the Biohome Ultimate, Seachem Matrix has a smaller size, so it can fit in a smaller size filter. Seachem Matrix is cheaper than the Biohome Ultimate.

Biohome Ultimate is available with trace elements that assist good bacteria to develop quickly on this product as compared to the Matrix.

Both Biohome Ultimate & Seachem Matrix are effective at wiping out toxic chemicals including ammonia, nitrites & nitrates from your aquarium water.

If you have a limited room in your filter, then it is recommended to use Matrix. If you are looking forward to wiping out nitrates, then the Biohome Ultimate will offer quicker outcomes.

Biohome Ultimate VS Seachem Matrix Filter Bio Media
Biohome Ultimate VS Seachem Matrix: Which Bio Media is Better?

Bio Media Shape:

Biohome Ultimate seems like big pellets while Seachem Matrix seems like pebbles.


Bio Media Size:

In comparison to the Seachem matrix, Biohome Ultimate is larger. You may fit 3 Matrix pebbles for one Biohome pellet.

Therefore, if there is a limited space in your filter, then more Matrix can fill the space compared to Biohome. Note: More bio media will better clean water.


The approx. media sizes for both bio media are added below:

Biohome Ultimate: 1.5 inch length x 0.5 inch width

Seachem Matrix: 0.4 inch diameter


Package Size:

Have a look at the packaging size of both bio media:


Biohome Ultimate:

  • 1 pound
  • 2 pounds
  • 5 pounds


Seachem Matrix:

  • 50 mL
  • 100 mL
  • 250 mL
  • 500 mL
  • 1 L
  • 2 L
  • 4 L



Both Biohome & Matrix offer heaps of surface areas due to their porous structures. Good bacteria grow in abundance over these surfaces. Good bacteria also known as nitrifying bacteria will wipe out ammonia & nitrites.

Biohome Ultimate & Seachem Matrix offers microscopic chambers where oxygen is not present, & these holes allow anaerobic bacteria to establish. Anaerobic or denitrifying bacteria will wipe out nitrates.


Recommended Volume of Bio Media:

If you want to know how much bio media you need for your aquarium, then Biohome recommends us to use 1 kg of Biohome Ultimate for each 100 L of water if you don’t have many fish. For medium to heavily stocked aquariums, you should consider adding 1.5kg to 2kg for each 100L of water.

Seachem recommends us to add about 125 mL for each 100 L of water, which is approx. 0.125 kg for each 100 L of water.


Need for Mechanical Filtration:

For both bio media to work efficiently, you should have effective mechanical filtration. Or the pores of the bio media will be clogged with detritus, which will eventually reduce the effectiveness of biological filtration.

It is recommended to use a sponge or foam to pre-filter water before water interacts with bio media to prevent detritus from clogging the pores of the Biohome Ultimate or Seachem Matrix.



In terms of cleaning water, it is recommended to clean bio media from any detritus that will otherwise block the pores of the media. It is recommended to wash bio media using aquarium water, otherwise chlorine in tap water will kill all of the good bacteria living on the bio media.



If you have efficient mechanical filtration, & you clean your bio media occasionally, Ultimate & Matrix can effectively work for years.


Trace Elements:

Biohome Ultimate contains trace elements. None of the other bio media comes with trace elements. Trace elements speed up the process of building good bacteria in your aquarium. As Seachem Matrix does not have any trace elements, it will take more time for Matrix to become efficient.


pH Alteration:

Matrix is inert so it will not change the pH of water.

As Biohome have trace elements, they should not alter the pH of aquarium water.

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