Comparison of Seachem Matrix VS Fluval BioMax Bio Rings: Which Bio Media is Better?

If you have setup a fish tank at home, then you will need an efficient top quality biological media for your filter to control toxic chemicals. In this post, we have compared two high quality bio media: Fluval Biomax Bio Rings VS Seachem Matrix.

When it comes to aquarium versatility, chemical control effectiveness, & customer reviews, both of these bio media are quite similar. The core difference is their shape, organic vs manufactured, & costs.

Comparison of Bio Media: Fluval BioMax VS Seachem Matrix
Comparison of Bio Media: Fluval BioMax VS Seachem Matrix




Tank Water

Chemical Control


Fluval BioMax

$9.5 for 0.57 kg

Bio ring shape

Saltwater & Freshwater

Ammonia, nitrates & nitrites

4.7/5 stars, Rated good for simple to use & value for price

Seachem Matrix

$17.64 for 0.75 kg

Organic shape & size

Saltwater & Freshwater

Ammonia, nitrates & nitrites

4.8/5 stars, Rated good for simple to use, value for price, stability & sheerness

Which Bio Media Is Better: Seachem Matrix VS Fluval BioMax?

According to customers’ ratings, Seachem Matrix is better than Fluval BioMax. Though both bio media are quite similar, Matrix is a better option when it comes to reviews, & quality of material.

Moreover, the organic design, shape & size of Seachem Matrix can mirror bio media in a natural environment. This feature is not available in the ring-shaped pieces of Fluval bio media.


You have a benefit of using Seachem Matrix as it offers more surface area. If your bio media provides enough surface area, then there is no need to change & replace it frequently, thus it saves your cost & energy.


Pros and Cons of Seachem Matrix:

The pros of Seachem Matrix includes enough surface area, low slime build up & clogging, & well suitability for freshwater & marine aquariums.

The shape, size & colour design of Seachem Matrix is natural, & it offers an organic environment for your fish. Due to its organic design, size & shape, it colonizes both aerobic & anaerobic bacteria to fully clear your aquarium water.

One of the cons of Seachem Matrix is its odd packing. Customers complain that it is sometimes confusing & difficult to unpack Matrix & start using it.


Pros and Cons of Fluval BioMax Bio Media:

Fluval Bio Max is well suited for freshwater & marine aquariums. It can be used for the removal of every toxic chemical released from fish waste. BioMax promises balanced water conditions, healthy environment for fish along with maintaining bacteria levels by wiping out the toxic chemicals that build up there.

Fluval BioMax is ideal for Fluval canister filters. The porous surface of the media is best for accumulating good bacteria to offer the best environment for your aquatic life.

One of the cons of Fluval bio media is its frequent replacement as compared to Seachem Matrix. Manufacturer recommends replacing Fluval Bio Rings after six months of use. Based on the customers’ experience, they recommend replacing the Fluval bio rings sooner – often b/w three to six months of use. Bio rings need partial changes throughout its use to offer heaps of surface area for colonizing good bacteria.

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