How to Install Pond Liner and Tape The Folds:

I ultimately installed the EPDM firestone pond liner in my backyard garden pond & this is the 4th tutorial of my DIY Patio Pond series. It needs lots of hard work to install pond liner & seal the unwanted liner folds. Installing a Pond liner was the most challenging part of my DIY backyard garden pond. But everything went fine & I was able to remove every liner fold. So, no detritus should be trapped behind liner folds & there shouldn’t be any dead spots in the pond liner of my Patio Pond.

Seal ugly Pond Liner Folds - Liner Installation
Seal Ugly Pond Liner Folds - Liner Installation

Steps: Installing Pond Liner and Taping the Folds:

In this tutorial, I setup 1.1 mm EPDM firestone pond liner, & successfully folded the corners in my pond. Liner taping is crucial to make a top DIY Patio Pond as it avoids large folds of liner appearing from the sides of the pond. 4 big folds were setup in the corners. I used firestone quick prime 250 ml to make the surface. I used quickseam splice tape having double side, & quickseam formflash tape of single side to fully remove the liner folds.

Watch video tutorial about setting up a Pond Liner & removing ugly Liner folds:

Setting up Pond Liner and taping the Liner folds

Step 1:

Installing underlay for firestone liner. Underlay is a thick geotextile that should be installed b/w pond liner, & the debris underneath it. It makes sure that your patio pond has a long life by saving the pond from punctures.

I used multiple underlays in my pond to completely cover it. Underlays are joined together using tape.


Step 2:

Pond liner overlaps were folded in at the sides. I folded 4 corners of my pond liner to gently seal the folds.

I added water to the pond to let the pond liner settle. I waited for a couple of days so that water could settle the pond liner.  


Step 3:

I cut the pond liner around the window frame. Then added a glass window so that my family can see the fish from my home inside.


Step 4:

I used the following seaming supplies for sealing the corner folds:

  • Firestone Liner Quick Prime 250 ml
  • Firestone Double Quickseam Splice Tape
  • Firestone Single Quickseam Formflash
  • Quick Scrubber Pad Abrasive Scourer Type


Step 5:

I emptied the pond to seam corner folds. I added Firestone Liner Quick Prime to a plastic box. Then gently put a Scrubber Pad in it. I scrubbed both sides of the liner folds. I applied double sided seam tape on the surface of the Quick Prime. Then, I removed the double-sided seam tape, & held both sides of the liner folds for a clean attachment. In the end, I applied single sided seam tape to seal all unwanted liner folds. I repeated the same process on every corner to gently fix all the folds.


Step 6:

I filled the pond with water & removed the excessive pond liner. I fixed the pond liner with treated pine decking boards.

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