Best Aquarium Filter for Red Blood Parrot Cichlid Fish:

Aquarium filters do a very nice job in cleaning mess produced by fish & live plants. Rotten food, fish waste & other decaying matter will leach toxins in the water if not removed on time. It is mandatory to keep a filter in aquariums even if your fish are small & they are not producing much waste. Filters have multiple purposes like collecting solid particles using mechanical filtration media, & removal of toxic chemicals from the water using bio media. Ammonia is released from fish poop & other detritus that are converted into less toxic forms by filters using biological media. Bio media allows useful bacteria to build on its surface & they are known for completing the nitrogen cycle. During the nitrogen cycle, ammonia is broken down into less dangerous form nitrites. Then, useful bacteria further break down nitrites into lesser dangerous form nitrates. Presence of ammonia in the water could be fatal. But nitrates are not as harmful & fish can live with it. Presence of high levels of nitrates could still prove dangerous for the fish. So, many aquarists use bio media that can wipe out nitrates too such as ceramic rings.

Nitrifying bacteria leaves nitrates at the end. But denitrifying bacteria can even wipe out nitrates. Ceramic rings are popular for holding both nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria.

Aquarium Filter for Red Blood Parrot Cichlid Fish
Best Aquarium Filter for Red Blood Parrot Cichlid Fish

Which filter is best for Red Blood Parrot Cichlid fish?

Red Blood Parrot Cichlid are usually kept with large fish such as Oscar. Large tanks require big filters such as canisters. Canister filters are located outside of the aquarium, & they are very efficient in cleaning large volumes of water. Red Blood Parrot Cichlids need clean water so canister filters are one of the best choices for them because they hold heaps of media in their baskets. Aquarists customize the baskets of canister filters, & fill them up with the media of their choice. It is very important to add different types of bio media because some of them can hold bold nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria while others are very effective against removal of ammonia & nitrites.

Aquarists keep three types of mechanical media for collecting every type of solid particles like coarse, medium & fine foams. Coarse foams trap all large particles while medium particles are collected by medium foam, & fine foam can remove every type of particle including very little. Fine foams can clog quickly if large particles are trapped inside it so experts suggest keeping all three types of foams in the following order: Coarse, Medium & Fine.

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