How to Setup a Fish Tank Cooling Fan? Does it Really Work?

It is difficult to keep your aquarium at low temperatures in hot summers. Many aquarists keep their aquariums indoor to save them from excessive heat in summers & cold in winters. Many people think that the home temperature is fine for fish, & there is no need for a cooling fan if the aquarium is kept indoors. However, it depends on your location, & in summers your aquarium temperature can be over 80 ºF. Check out the safe temperature limits for your fish because it varies from one fish species to another. Some fish can survive in high temperatures even beyond 80 ºF while others need cool water.

If your aquarium temperature rises, then oxygen level in the water will decrease. Another big issue is that fish metabolic rate & activity level rises in summers, & they require more oxygen so your fish can suffocate & start gasping at the water surface if temperature of water is increased.

Fish tank water temperature is higher than the room temperature because tank lights can increase the water temperature. Also, if you have aquatic plants in the aquarium, then many of the plant’s species need bright lights that can shoot temperature to an alarming level.

It is easy to setup a cooling fan in your aquarium for lowering the water temperature. Cooling fans are used for evaporating water quickly to lower the water temperature. Fans can change the water phase from liquid to gas when water starts evaporating from the surface which lowers the water temperature. The reason behind cooling is the release of energy when water changes from liquid to gas.

How to Setup an Aquarium Cooling Fan & Does it Really Work?

A desk fan can be used for lowering the aquarium water temperature. It is simple to setup a desk fan because all you need is to focus the desk fan towards the aquarium top so that it blows air across the top of the fish tank. Water will start evaporating from the surface, & it will release energy too which will lower your aquarium water temperature.

Temperature drop using this method is fast but your aquarium water will evaporate quickly so you should add fresh water frequently.

Yes, using a desk fan for cooling aquarium water really works, & it offers a pretty decent drop in water temperature.

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