Do Tiger Oscar fish need an aquarium filter? How to setup a filter in Oscar tank?

If you are a new hobbyist & want to setup a tank for Oscar fish, then you might be thinking if they need a filter in their aquarium. The answer is simply yes, because Oscar fish are fussy eaters & they are large in size, which means they produce heaps of poop. An aquarium filter is required for cleaning all the physical solid particles, as well as all the toxic chemicals. Overtime fish poop & other detritus decompose & release ammonia that is very dangerous for the Oscar fish. Good bacteria growing on the bio media chamber inside a filter eliminates ammonia by breaking it down into nitrites. Nitrites are also dangerous for the fish but not as toxic as ammonia. Good bacteria reacts with nitrites to break it down into nitrates. Nitrates are less toxic than nitrites. Oscar fish are sensitive to ammonia by products so it is suggested to add certain bio media like ceramic rings that can wipe out nitrates too. Otherwise, partial water changes on a regular basis will lower the levels of nitrates in the water. Aquatic plants can also wipe out ammonia, nitrites & nitrates from the water.

If you need help in setting up a filter in an Oscar fish tank, then check out an article below:

How to setup an aquarium filter for Oscar fish?

Do Oscar fish need an aquarium filter?
Do Oscar fish need an aquarium filter?

What is the top aquarium filter for Oscar fish?

If you are looking for the top filter for an Oscar aquarium, then I recommend a Canister filter. A canister filter is a heavy-duty cleaning filter because it draws lots of water from the aquarium via its inlet pipe. A canister filter holds multiple baskets that contain mechanical, biological & chemical filtration media. Water from the fish tank passes through the mechanical filtration media, which collects all the solid particles like fish poop, remaining food & other debris. Only water free of solid particles can pass through the mechanical filtration media, but water still consists of hazardous chemicals that can flow through the foams / sponges. Luckily, good bacteria on the bio media is used for cleaning all the germs & clean water returns to the fish tank via an outlet pipe.

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