Pros and Cons of Biohome Ultimate Biological Filter Media for Aquarium:

Bio media provides surface area for the growth of good bacteria. Good bacteria clings to almost every surface naturally & it is produced when you cycle your aquarium. Bio media are porous & its design provides more surface area for the establishment of beneficial bacteria. Therefore, aquarists use bio media in filters where it has the job of removing organic waste.

Nitrifying bacteria grows over the outer surface of bio media that breaks down ammonia into nitrites & nitrates. Denitrifying bacteria lives inside the pores where oxygen is not present, & it removes nitrates from the water thus clearing the water 100%.

Pros and Cons of Biohome Ultimate Filter Media
Pros and Cons of Biohome Ultimate Filter Media

Pros of Biohome Ultimate Filter Media:

  • Extremely porous
  • Perfect surface for the growth of good bacteria
  • Simple to setup
  • Simple to wash
  • Carries both nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria
  • Keeps nitrates low
  • Well packaged


Cons of Biohome Ultimate Filter Media:

  • Expensive
  • You may experience cloudy water when you use it for the first time

Biohome Ultimate filter media comes in three different types. In our test of filter media, we found that Biohome was one of the more costly media. However, was it worth our tests?

Biohome Ultimate filter media was the best among all media we have tested. It is extremely porous & offers a rough surface, which promotes the growth of good bacteria. Every part of the Biohome plays an important role. The outer surface area is used for nitrifying bacteria while the inner surface is used for denitrifying bacteria.

Both parts of the media have a role in breaking toxic nitrates & nitrites. We ordered the one-pound bag, which was the best amount for our filter. In a small hang on back filter, only half pound is required.

We discovered some reviews on Amazon for Biohome making the water cloudy when used for the first time but we cannot report any such thing. We unboxed the package & used Biohome in our filter. It is the best media & very effective in lowering nitrates level.

Biohome Ultimate bio media is recommended for removing ammonia, nitrites & nitrates, & experts consider it the best media. We think the same as it topped our test.

Biohome provides the best balance of size, strength & surface area availability that make sure it will take the first spot when it comes to removing organic waste.

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