Which filter is the best for Oscar fish aquarium?

Oscar fish are very messy, & they mess with almost everything in their fish tank. Oscars are large fish so they make lots of poop. It is crucial to setup a filter in Oscar's fish tank. Oscar fish need a large aquarium so experts suggest setting up a Canister filter for them because it is the most effective filter in cleaning.

Canister filters are located outside of the aquarium, & they suck water from the fish tank using an inlet hose. Water is pushed through the mechanical filtration media chamber that removes all the solid impurities, & force water to enter the bio media chamber, where useful bacteria growing on the media wipes out all the toxic chemicals, & send water back to the aquarium using an outlet hose.

Canister filters are highly effective in cleaning high volumes of aquarium water. They are designed for big fish tanks. Filtration media in the canister filter baskets can be customized. Aquarists add different types of media in multiple baskets of the canister filters because canister filters offer lots of space for holding media. Because water flows through a variety of media, canister filters make sure that water is efficiently cleaned.

How to setup a tank filter for Oscar fish?
How to setup a tank filter for Oscar fish?

How to setup an aquarium filter for Oscar fish?

The order of filtration media should be, mechanical media  biological media


Mechanical filtration media should be installed before biological media:

Mechanical filtration media should be setup before biological filtration media. Mechanical media will remove all the visible particles, & water free of waste & other solid impurities will flow through the bio media.

Experts suggest keeping all three types of foams in the canister filter: coarse, medium & fine. Coarse foam is used for collecting all the large particles, while medium particles are collected by medium foam, & very tiny particles are trapped by fine foam.

If large particles are stuck in the fine foam, then it will clog the fine foam quickly so it is recommended to setup coarse foam before medium & fine foam.


Bio media should be installed after mechanical media:

Water free of all debris will be pushed to the biological media chamber. Aquarists keep a variety of bio media in canister filter baskets for effective cleaning of water. Ammonia in the water when interacts with the useful bacteria, then it is broken down into nitrites, & nitrates. Ordinary bio media cannot remove nitrates from the water but certain bio media such as Ceramic Noodles can remove nitrates too.

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