Do Cardinal Tetras Need an Aquarium Filter?

If you are a new fish keeper & want to add Cardinal Tetra to your aquarium, then you might be thinking if you need an aquarium filter for your tank or not. You can find the answer to this question in this article.

Cardinal Tetras live in schools so experts suggest keeping multiple Cardinal Tetras in one aquarium. Many hobbyists think that if the size of the fish is small, then it does not need a filter because it does not produce much waste. However, if you do not take care of the remaining food, fish poop & other detritus then overtime it will release ammonia that is highly dangerous for your fish. In addition, if you are keeping multiple schooling fish in one aquarium, then they release more waste so a filter is recommended for them. However, some experienced aquarists skip a filter in Cardinal Tetras aquarium because they keep many live plants in the aquarium that consume ammonia. In addition, ammonia can help in fertilizing the plants. However, for beginners, using a filter will lower maintenance, & you will be less worried about the health of your fish.

Cardinal Tetra can be kept in a fish tank without using a filter. First, it is important to understand the purpose of filters in an aquarium. A filter removes the rotten waste from the aquarium, & it allows good bacteria to grow on the bio media that reacts with ammonia & break it into less dangerous form: nitrates. Additionally, the filter adds oxygen in the water from the air, & removes the dead spots in the aquarium using proper water circulation.

If you want to setup an aquarium without using a filter, then you will need many aquatic plants to wipe out the toxins produced by Cardinal Tetras as well as other dirt. An air pump & air stone is required to keep aerating the water & produce turbulence in the water which is beneficial for Cardinal Tetra. Turbulence in the water removes dead spots. However, do not use high current in Tetras aquarium because it can stress them. Tetras like mid-water current.

Which Filter is the Best for Cardinal Tetra Aquarium?
Which Filter is the Best for Cardinal Tetra Aquarium?

Which Filter is the Best for Cardinal Tetra Aquarium?

For Cardinal Tetra, my suggestion is to use an internal powerhead filter. Powerhead filters can add oxygen in the water due to surface agitation. It can cause movement in the water that is good for Cardinal Tetras. In addition, Powerhead filters hold both mechanical & biological media for dealing with the waste.

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