How to setup the best aquarium filter for Rosy Barb fish?

Rosy Barbs are tough but still they require ideal water conditions to remain healthy & happy in the aquarium. For Rosy Barb, a quality filter is essential. Rosy Barbs do not have special requirements, but they are happy in a well-aerated tank. Therefore, a hang on back filter with a waterfall outtake is one of the best choices for Rosy Barbs, because it continuously aerates water. In addition, Rosy Barb needs free-swimming space, so a hang on back filter is the top choice for this fish because it is located outside aquarium water.

Best filter for Rosy Barb fish tank
How to setup filter in Rosy Barb fish tank

Rosy Barbs also need fast water flow so adding a submersible filter operated by a powerhead is another top choice. Internal powerhead filters create strong current that help in cleaning water because fast moving water forces debris to leave the gravels, &. then filter traps the impurities. Powerhead filters cause surface agitation that expel carbon dioxide from the water & add fresh oxygen. 


How to setup filter in Rosy Barbs fish tank?

An aquarium filter not only cleans the visible impurities but also removes all the germs. Overtime fish food, poop & other dirt leaches ammonia that is extremely dangerous for the fish. Fish cannot tolerate excess ammonia in the water. Therefore, a filter is required to collect all the visible impurities, & get rid of the ammonia & other toxins. For cleaning all the visible solid particles, filters need mechanical media like sponges. For removal of dangerous chemicals, filters require bio media. Good bacteria grows in colonies on the surface of bio media. When ammonia reacts with useful bacteria, then it breaks down into nitrites, & further breaks down into nitrates. Nitrates are not as toxic as nitrites & ammonia.

Mechanical filtration media should be installed before bio media. Dirty water will pass through the mechanical filtration media, & water free of debris will flow through the bio media. Useful bacteria will remove all the toxins & clean water will flow back to the aquarium.

What is nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria?

It is mandatory to complete the nitrogen cycle before adding fish to the aquarium. The final product of the nitrogen cycle is nitrates. Bio media that wipes out ammonia & nitrites are called nitrifying bacteria. For removal of nitrates, denitrifying bacteria is used. Denitrifying bacteria grows inside the tiny pores of certain bio media. Ceramic rings & certain other bio media hold both nitrifying bacteria & denitrifying bacteria.

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