Which Filter is Best for the Rainbow Shark Aquarium?

Rainbow Sharks like fast moving water. Keeping high flow will not just make your Rainbow Shark happy but it has other advantages too. Fast moving water will force wastes & other dirt to leave substrate, & filter will collect them.

Rainbow Shark needs high water flow so your aquarium needs a filter that creates turbulence in the water. Adding a horizontal filter like an internal powerhead filter will create strong waves in the aquarium.

Which Filter is Best for Rainbow Shark Fish Tank?
Which Filter is Best for the Rainbow Shark Fish Tank?

Powerheads can increase water flow, & they operate submersible filters. Powerhead sucks water from the bottom, & dirty water passes through the sponges / foams of the filter, & water free of waste & other debris, flow through the bio media chamber, that removes hazardous chemicals from the water, & clean water is pushed back to the aquarium through the nozzle of the powerhead.

If you are interested in buying a filter for Rainbow Shark, then my suggestion is to understand GPH first.


What is Filter GPH & why is it important?

Aquarium filters have a rating called GPH, which stands for gallons per hour. It means how many gallons of water will flow through the filter in one hour. The higher the GPH, the higher gallons of water it will filter, so GPH determines the efficiency of the filter. 

It is recommended to use a filter that filters 4 times more water than the aquarium size. For example if you have a 50-gallon aquarium, then choose a filter that gives 200 GPH.


What is the purpose of filters in aquariums?

Filters can help you get rid of the solid waste particles that will leach dangerous chemicals if not removed in time. Filters can help you take care of the dangerous chemicals through its biological filtration. These toxic chemicals are the cause of the death of most of the aquarium fish.


How do aquarium filters work?

The first compartment of the filter is mechanical filtration where sponges or foams are used for trapping physical impurities, & the pump or powerhead forces water to enter the second chamber where bio media is present, & they remove all the dangerous chemicals from the water, & push clean water back to the aquarium.

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