Do Glass Catfish need an aquarium filter?

A filter is required in every aquarium because it removes the rotten food, fish waste & other debris that would otherwise release toxins in the water. These toxins are highly dangerous for the life of fish & this is the reason why fish die in aquariums. A filter will not only remove the waste particles but will also wipe out the toxic chemicals. Useful bacteria grows abundantly on the bio media in the filter & when they react with ammonia, they break them down into less toxic forms such as nitrites & nitrates. The final product of every nitrogen cycle is nitrates. Nitrates are not as dangerous as nitrites & ammonia. However, an abundance of nitrates are still toxic for the fish so it is recommended to replace partial aquarium water with fresh water to lower the levels of toxins in the aquarium water. Some bio media can wipe out nitrates too so adding such bio media in the aquarium filter will ensure that every toxin is removed before water flows back to the aquarium. In addition, many aquarists keep aquatic plants in the aquarium that remove ammonia, nitrites & nitrates from the water.


How aquatic plants & fish balance the ecosystem of an aquarium?

Live plants & fish balance the ecosystem of the aquarium. Fish produce poop that fertilizes the plants. On the other hand, plants clean aquariums so that fish can live a healthy life. There is no need to add extra fertilizers if you have fish in the aquarium. In addition, plants can easily clean aquarium water so some experts do not keep filters because they keep heaps of aquatic plants in the fish tank. Live plants consume CO2 & oxygenate aquarium water in the presence of artificial lights. Plants provide hiding spots for fish & its fries.

Which aquarium filter is best for Glass Catfish?
Which aquarium filter is the best for Glass Catfish?

Which aquarium filter is the best for Glass Catfish?

The minimum recommended aquarium size for Glass Catfish is 30 gallons. Fast outgoing water from the filter will ensure the filter cleans water quickly & efficiently. In addition, filters can circulate water in the fish tank to remove dead spots where dirt can build up.

It is recommended to filter your full aquarium water three to five times in one hour. My suggestion is to use an aquarium internal filter for Glass Catfish. These filters can oxygenate water due to surface agitation. They quickly clean all the mess produced by fish. They offer both mechanical & biological filtration. Internal filters hold multiple bio media for dealing with every type of impurity. Make sure that your internal filter has an adjustable water flow rate because fast water flow is not recommended for Glass Catfish. They need a moderate water flow in their aquarium. However, static water flow is not recommended too so make sure that your filter produces some turbulence in the water.

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