Do freshwater Angelfish need a tank filter?

If you are planning to setup a new aquarium for Angelfish, & then you might be wondering if they need a filter or not? We have answered your question in this article.

Aquarium filter is not necessary for freshwater Angelfish but it is important to add a filter because it removes the rotten food & other waste that would otherwise decompose & foul aquarium water. Other important uses of a filter include oxygenating water, circulating water & producing turbulence.

Do freshwater Angelfish need an aquarium filter
Do freshwater Angelfish need an aquarium filter?

How to setup a no filter aquarium for freshwater Angelfish?

If you want to setup a no filter aquarium for freshwater Angelfish, then make sure there are heaps of aquatic plants. Plants remove the toxins released from the waste & debris. In addition, they oxygenate water, & remove CO2 during photosynthesis.

Partial water changes will be required to remove toxic water & refill the aquarium with freshwater. Fresh water contains minerals for fish & live plants. It is recommended to siphon the substrate to remove all the solid particles containing rotten food & other debris, during partial water change.


Do freshwater Angelfish like water current?

Angelfish do not need high turbulence in the water because in the wild they live in slow moving water. Fast water current will stress your freshwater Angelfish & they will have difficulty in eating. Make sure your filter produces slow water current using an adjustable water flow.


Below you can read information about which filter is best for your freshwater Angelfish aquarium.


Canister filter:

Canister filters are the best for freshwater Angelfish because they let you decide the type of filtration media such as mechanical, biological or chemical filter media. You can add heaps of media in the filter baskets.

Canister filters are one of the best filters for freshwater Angelfish because they are very powerful in cleaning. Canister filters are setup outside aquariums. They draw lots of water from the aquarium, clean it thoroughly, & send water back to the aquarium.


Sponge filter:

Sponge filters are the most inexpensive filters available in the market. They need simple setup & provide powerful biological filtration. They need an air pump for operating the filter. To lower the bubbling noise coming from the filter, you can use an air stone.

Aquarists can simply clean filter media of the sponge filters. They aerate water with the bubbles coming out of the filter, & circulate water. Sponge filters do a great job in Angelfish aquariums by providing efficient filtration as well as adding oxygen in the water & removing CO2 due to surface agitation.


Hang on Back filter:

A Hang on Back filter is one of the best choices for freshwater Angelfish because it holds a variety of media for keeping water crystal clear. It is easy to maintain a hang on back filter. A hang on back filter does not take up any space inside the aquarium.

A hang on back filter is very important because it offers all three types of filtration: mechanical, biological & chemical.


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