Do Jack Dempsey fish need a tank filter?

Jack Dempsey is a large fish & they make heaps of poop. Their poop size is large. An efficient filter is required for cleaning the mess. Otherwise, poop & other decaying matter will decompose & release ammonia. Ammonia is very dangerous for the fish. A filter not only traps solid impurities but removes ammonia too. Beneficial bacteria build and colonize on the surface of biological media. When ammonia reacts with the beneficial bacteria, then it is broken down into nitrites. Nitrites further break into nitrates. Nitrates are not as harmful as nitrites & ammonia. Fish can survive with up to a certain limit of nitrates in the water. Higher levels of nitrates are dangerous too.


How to remove nitrates from the aquarium water?

Not every bio media can remove nitrates from the water. Certain bio media hold denitrifying bacteria that consume nitrates too. Another solution is to use aquatic plants that suck all the pollutants including ammonia, nitrites and nitrates.

Best aquarium filter for Jack Dempsey fish

What is the best filter for Jack Dempsey?

Jack Dempsey fish need a large fish tank, so a large filter should be installed for powerful cleaning. Usually experts suggest keeping a Hang on Back filter or a canister filter. Hang on Back Power filters contain a few cartridges that can be simply cleaned. Canister filters contain multiple baskets for holding heaps of filtration media.


What is the advantage of filtration media in an aquarium filter?

Mechanical filtration media is used for collecting small & large particles, & clean water can pass through the mechanical media. Three types of foams are used for best cleaning: coarse, medium & fine foams. These foams ensure all the solid impurities are cleaned.

Different types of bio media are used for biological cleaning of dissolved impurities. It is important to add mechanical filtration media before bio media. Otherwise, tiny solid particles will get stuck in the pores of bio media & will clog them. Useful bacteria grows on the surface of bio media, & they also live inside the pores. Clogged bio media are less efficient in cleaning dissolved chemicals.


Maintenance of an aquarium filter:

A filter needs regular maintenance. After a month, it is important to clean the foams, & if bio media is clogged, then it requires cleaning. Avoid using tap water for cleaning the filter media, because it will wipe out all the good bacteria growing on the media. Water from the aquarium should be used for cleaning filter media.

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