Do Pictus Catfish need a tank filter?

If you are planning to keep Pictus Catfish, then it is recommended to choose the appropriate size of the aquarium as well as the right equipment needed by Pictus Catfish. Every aquarium needs a filter for effective cleaning of the pollutants. Aquarium filters have other important uses such as oxygenating & circulating water.

Adding an effective filter is vital for Pictus Catfish because they produce abundance of waste in the long term, & a filter will ensure water is clear. It is suggested to keep five or higher numbers of Pictus Catfish in an aquarium because they are shoaling fish. Therefore, it is important to setup a large aquarium for multiple Pictus Catfish, which means you will need a powerful filter.

Do Pictus Catfish need an aquarium filter?
Do Pictus Catfish need an aquarium filter?

How to choose the right GPH filter for Pictus Catfish?

If you have setup a 100-gallon aquarium for your Pictus fish, then it is time to add accessories including a filter, a heater, tank lights etc. Choose a filter recommended for at least a 150-gallon aquarium for your 100-gallon tank. Over filtering is better than under filtering because it will ensure water is perfectly cleaned. In addition, you can keep many live plants for further cleaning. Live plants absorb all the toxic chemicals. Pictus Catfish like hiding so live plants can provide shelter & hiding spots.

It is important to keep a gentle water flow rate in the aquarium to copy the wild environment of Pictus Catfish in your aquarium.


Which aquarium filter is best for Pictus Catfish?

Canister filters are the top choice if you want efficient filtration. They offer excellent performance at an affordable cost.

Canister filters are designed for large aquariums. Canister filters are external filters. They draw large volumes of water from the aquarium, & quickly clean water.

Canister filters hold heaps of filtration media in multiple filter baskets. Aquarists can keep multiple types of media in the filter baskets. It is important to keep both mechanical & biological media for best cleaning. Chemical filtration media is not necessary.

Mechanical filtration media consists of foams that are used for trapping all the solid pollutants. Water free of the visible impurities is forced to enter biological filtration media that remove all the chemicals. Finally clean water flows back to the aquarium.

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