Do Killifish need a tank filter?

If you are a new aquarist & want to keep Killifish in your newly setup tank, then you might be thinking about whether an aquarium filter is necessary for the fish or not. We have answered your question in this article.

A tank filter is useful for neutralizing the physical solid particles by collecting them. Fish waste, uneaten food and other types of dirt release ammonia in the water if they are not collected on time. Mechanical filter media traps these solid particles, & the useful bacteria growing on the bio media wipes out all dangerous chemicals. Therefore, it is crucial to introduce a filter in your aquarium because it will keep water clean. In clean water, your fish will be safe & healthy.

Most of the Killifish like slow water flow or still water. If you have setup a small aquarium for your Killifish, then you will require a filter or be prepared to do regular partial water changes to clean the mess produced by fish. Aquarists, who avoid a filter, keep many aquatic plants in the aquarium that absorb all the dangerous chemicals from the water. Plants also produce mess such as dead leaves, so you will need to mechanically clean water to clean all the mess produced by fish & plants. Vacuum gravel siphoning can make your job easier, so when you are removing water from the aquarium, then make sure you siphon your gravels to remove the solid impurities, & then replace it with fresh water that also contains minerals. These fresh minerals can keep your fish & aquatic plants healthy.

What is the best aquarium filter for Killifish?
What is the best aquarium filter for Killifish?

What is the best tank filter for Killifish?

In small aquariums, the level of dangerous chemicals increases rapidly as compared to large aquariums. A fish tank filter will remove solid impurities & chemicals from the water. My suggestion is to use a box filter that contains a sponge or a filter wool if your fish tank is small. If you are keeping Killifish in a large aquarium, then you can go with an under-gravel filter. Make sure you choose a filter that produces low water flow as Killifish can be stressed if water flow is higher. Your aquarium filter should have an adjustable water flow so it can be set at low.

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