Do Pearl Gourami fish need an aquarium filter?

If you are a new aquarist & want to setup your fish tank for Pearl Gourami, then you might be wondering whether an aquarium filter is required for this fish or not. You can find the answer in this post.

Pearl Gourami needs an aquarium filter that traps the waste produced by the fish as well as remove other physical impurities from the water. Physical solid impurity overtime releases ammonia that foul the water & they are highly toxic for the life of fish. Fish cannot tolerate excess ammonia so there is a natural bacteria in the water that breaks down ammonia into nitrites & nitrates. Nitrates are not as toxic as nitrites, & nitrites are less dangerous than ammonia. Fish can live with nitrates in the water but higher levels of nitrates are still toxic. If you want to grow an abundance of useful bacteria that remove ammonia from the water, then you must cycle your aquarium. Although certain bio media can remove nitrates too, other methods for removing nitrates include partial water changes or addition of aquatic plants. It is recommended to change partial water on a weekly basis to remove germs from the water & add fresh water that contains minerals. Addition of aquatic plants can help filter water because they consume ammonia, nitrites & nitrates.

What is the best aquarium filter for Pearl Gourami fish?
What is the best aquarium filter for Pearl Gourami fish?

What is the best filter for Pearl Gourami fish?

If you are looking for an efficient filter for your Pearl Gourami aquarium, then I would suggest you keep the Aquaclear Power filter. It is very efficient in cleaning because it consists of heaps of filtration media. In addition, it causes some water flow that is good for Pearl Gourami. Higher flow is not recommended for Pearl Gourami. Make sure your aquarium has low water current because faster current will stress your Gourami fish. You can use the Aquaclear Power filter for other types of Gourami too such as Dwarf Gourami, & Moonlight Gourami. Dwarf Gourami are very sensitive to ammonia & nitrites so it is mandatory to cycle your aquarium water before adding Gourami.

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