How to Breed Goldfish & Sell them for Profit (Earn Money through Spawning Goldfish at Home):

It is important to choose the fish that deposit more babies, fries have more chances of survival, & you can sell them quickly. Some fish are a bit tricky to breed. Goldfish is one of the tricky fish that needs patience & hard work for spawning, & it is impossible to reproduce them if you do not provide the best conditions.


How & where to Sell Goldfish:

It is not difficult to sell Goldfish because it is one of the most popular fish & has high demand. People keep goldfish in bowls, vases, aquariums & ponds so it is one of the fish that has a higher demand. Fish keepers will buy goldfish from you via an online business. It is important to have a good reputation by selling healthy fishes to buyers. Good reviews from buyers are important for a good reputation. Buyers will be ready to buy fish from renowned sellers. Do not cheat your buyers by offering an unhealthy fish because it could have a negative effect on your reputation. Another way of selling goldfish is to find local buyers.

Make a Blog, Facebook or Youtube Channel, & share pictures or videos of your young goldfish that you want to sell. Local & online buyers can contact you. Either handover fish to them or send them the fish through transportation. It will be easy to sell your fish to local buyers because they will have no problem in collecting them from you. However, for transportation, buyers will need to pay transportation charges.

How to Breed and Sell Goldfish for Profit
How to Breed and Sell Goldfish for Profit

How to Make Arrangements for Breeding Goldfish:

It is very important to plan for breeding goldfish very early. Purchase goldfish about a year before you want them to breed. It is important to purchase your goldfish in the months of July, & August because they spawn in spring. Make sure you adjust the conditions for goldfish & it is very important that your goldfish is not stressed, before spawning them.


How to Setup Weather Conditions for Spawning Goldfish:

  • Set the right conditions for breeding goldfish. Your aquarium should contain at a minimum of 20 gallons of clean water.
  • Spring is the time when goldfish breed in the wild so reduce the water temperature. In spring, water is warmer so it is very important to simulate this season. Reduce the water temperature to b/w 10 °C, & 12 °C. When you want goldfish to reproduce, increase the temperature by 2 °C every day, till the temperature reaches b/w 20 °C to 23 °C.


How to Setup Aquarium Lights for Goldfish:

  • In the natural habitat of goldfish, days are longer in the spring, & more artificial light is required for goldfish aquariums.
  • Longer lights will assist goldfish with hormone production required for induction of spawning behavior.
  • Offer more than 12 hours of light to mimic the spring season.
  • After breeding happens, reduce the light to 8 hours for a period of 2 weeks & then increase it back to over 12 hours to spawn them again.
  • It is possible to breed Goldfish multiple times during the breeding season.
  • You can use a timer to assist this process.


Live Food for Goldfish:

  • Goldfish will require an additional diet to produce eggs.
  • You must offer them enough live or frozen diets filled with high protein along with normal diets of a quality staple food.
  • Offer them live earthworms or frozen brine shrimp.


How to tell the Difference between Male & Female Goldfish:



  • Female goldfish has a swollen abdomen.
  • They are more rounded than male goldfish. You can simply see that when you watch your female goldfish from the top.
  • When a female goldfish is about to breed, the vent becomes protruded.



  • Male goldfish have spawning tubercles or white stars that cover the gills & pectoral fins.
  • When male goldfish are about to breed, the vent opens more & grows lengthy.


How to Release Eggs from Female Goldfish:



  • Spawning mops
  • Plastic totes
  • Objects or Suction cups


Spawning Mop:

  • A spawning mop is an equipment that copies a mat of plants.
  • In the natural habitat, a male goldfish will push the female goldfish into the plants & will wiggle that would cause the female goldfish to deposit eggs so that it can be fertilized.
  • The eggs of the goldfish will be deposited on the spawning mop, much like a real plant.
  • The eggs of goldfish are sticky, so they attach to the strings of the spawning mop. Then you can shift the spawning mop to a new aquarium to let the eggs hatch. Then it is time to raise babies.


How to Mate Goldfish & Separate Eggs:

  • When male goldfish begin chasing the female, fill the plastic totes with water.
  • Add a spawning mop in the middle of the plastic tote & fix it with objects or suction cups.
  • Shift the female goldfish & 2 male goldfish into the plastic tote.
  • See the goldfish if it shows breeding behavior. The males will push the female into the spawning mop & they will waggle. You will watch round, whitish eggs that will stick to the spawning mop.
  • After goldfish deposits multiple eggs, shift the spawning to the aquarium where you want to grow goldfish babies.
  • Add a new spawning mop in the plastic tote & allow the male & female goldfish to deposit eggs on the new mop till there are no more signs of mating.
  • Shift the second mop into the goldfish baby’ aquarium.


How to Raise Goldfish Babies:

  • Goldfish eggs would take 4 days to hatch & the babies will freely swim in 2 days. It is time to feed the fries.
  • Use a sponge filter or any other filter but cover the intake with a sponge filter. It would be hard to change water with many babies without any filtration system.
  • Buy food for the goldfish fries, including newly hatched brine shrimp or any other baby foods.

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