Benefits of Ceramic Rings in Aquarium Filter / Pros and Cons of Ceramic Noodles:

Bio media naturally cleans aquarium water that contains pollutants. It provides space for beneficial bacteria to grow, & wipes out toxic chemicals released from remaining food, fish waste & other detritus.


Ceramic Rings:

Ceramic rings also known as Ceramic noodles are made of pieces of ceramic containing lots of tiny little holes that contain heaps of good bacteria that can wipe out toxic ammonia, nitrites & nitrates from the aquarium water.

Ceramic noodles are created using ceramic & their color is usually white. Their outer surface has lots of tiny little pores. They form a porous surface where good bacteria can live, that can assist in filtration of dirty water.

Benefits of Ceramic Rings in Aquarium Filter:

  1. Ceramic noodles can offer biological filtration. Ceramic rings are highly porous & there are many tiny little holes where good bacteria can colonize. Good bacteria will wipe out toxic chemicals released from fish waste & other debris.
  2. Ceramic rings offer efficient filtration using abundance of good bacteria that have colonized on the ceramic rings.
  3. Ceramic rings can also hold denitrifying bacteria that makes it different from ordinary bio media that only holds nitrifying bacteria. Denitrifying bacteria consumes nitrates which is the end product of the nitrogen cycle. Nitrifying bacteria can only wipe out ammonia & nitrites while nitrates which are less toxic than ammonia & nitrites are left in the water. Higher levels of nitrates can be toxic too. Denitrifying bacteria can remove nitrates. Ceramic rings are used for wiping out ammonia, nitrites & nitrates.
  4. When ceramic rings get dirty then you can easily clean them. By replacing ceramic rings, you need to wait again for weeks before they colonize again on the rings.
  5. Complicated porous structure will make sure water is efficiently cleaned when it flows through. On the outside of ceramic rings, you will find heaps of tiny little pores & there is a large hole in the middle. Water not only passes over the ceramic rings but flows through it which increases the contact of good bacteria with the toxic water. Surface area of ceramic rings allows heaps of good bacteria to colonize. But good bacteria can also thrive in the tiny little holes.
  6. It is easy to use ceramic noodles because they only need to be added to a filter, & they do the rest of the job on their own.


Pros and cons of Ceramic Rings in Aquarium Filter:

Ceramic rings pros outweigh its cons so it is a good product that I recommend you to add to your filter.

Pros of Ceramic Noodles in Fish Tank Filter:

  1. Ceramic noodles hold both nitrifying & denitrifying bacteria.
  2. They provide large surface area for the growth of heaps of beneficial bacteria.
  3. Ceramic rings are cheap.
  4. It is simple to use them.
  5. It is easy to clean ceramic rings.
  6. They can clean aquarium water for longer periods.
  7. Ceramic rings can be used in both freshwater & saltwater aquariums.
  8. Ceramic rings have no effect on the characteristics of water.


Cons of Ceramic Noodles in Fish Tank Filter:

  1. The holes of ceramic rings can be simply clogged.
  2. When the holes get clogged, then bio media will not be very effective in cleaning water.
  3. If pores are completely blocked, then ceramic rings need replacement.
  4. Ceramic rings can wipe out all pollutants from the water but still you can’t skip regular water changes.

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