Breed & Sell Platy Fish for Profit / How to Earn Money through Fish Business:

If you want to start the fish breeding & selling business, then it is recommended to find the best fish that are not only easy to breed but will sell quickly. Fish stores can buy fish from you. Also, aquarists are selling fish online. But my suggestion is to talk to the fish store owner first before breeding fish, & ask them which fish they will buy from you & how much they will pay you for one fish. This will let you know how much you can earn in fish breeding & selling business, & which fish the store owner will be ready to accept. Do not buy random fish that will cost more in breeding & will have problems in selling. Make sure you choose the fish that do not need a heater because your aquarium running cost will be lower. Choose the fish that is suitable for your region such as it needs the same water pH, water hardness & temperature that your area offers. Filter is mandatory for the fish. Choose a filter that works well & consumes low power. 

How to Earn Credibility in Online Fish Business:

Many people are selling fish online & they are making decent income. It is important to earn credibility so that buyers can trust you. Make sure you do not sell ill fish & avoid any fraud because it could affect your reputation. Make sure you choose a good transportation service that delivers fish safely & on time. It is important to read the laws & regulations of your country before breeding fish. Getting a like or good review will improve your credibility. Also, educate the buyers about how to setup a tank & take care of the fish so that they do not criticize you for selling an infected fish in case the fish gets sick or dies. Make a blog where you can instruct your buyers how to look after the fish & other important instructions. This way you can earn more money through the ads shown on the blog.


Which Fish to Breed & Which Equipment are Cheap:

When you are negotiating with your local pet store owner, ask them to guide you about the fish that is easy & inexpensive to spawn in your area. Learn about the growth rate of the fries & breeding rate of the chosen fish, & make sure you pre calculate the wealth that you are going to spend on the food, & for preventing illnesses, as well as for maintenance of water such as the operating cost of the filter & tank lights. If you are using a heater then it is required to make calculations of electrical bills, starting from the fry birth to the suitable age of selling them. Then see if you can make money or not? In case you are in loss then choose the fish that do not need a heater or need low intensity tank lights. This will reduce your electricity bills. A budget estimation of fish food & other requirements is also mandatory. Make sure you do not spend lots of money on the food. Choose fish that are strong enough to resist the harsh conditions because this way you will have more chances of raising the babies. Also, choose fish that give birth to many babies because you will be able to sell many of them when they grow up.

Required equipment for fish spawning & selling business include the tank size. Make sure you choose the right size of aquarium that meets the future requirement of babies. Also, choose a good filtration & make sure you use a sponge on the filter intake valve so that it does not accidentally suck the babies. Also, check your water quality using a test kit, & choose the fish that is able to thrive in your local area water. It is important to keep the water pH, hardness & temperature in the ideal range required by the fish.


How to Transport Fish:

It is important to learn about the size of the fish tank & oxygen requirement of the fish to decide the right container that should be used for the fish transportation. Choose large bags for transporting fish. Fill a bag with one third of water when transporting a small fish. If you are transporting a fish that is 3 inches or larger in size then half fill the bag with water. Ask the shipper about the size requirement. Do not feed your fish for 1 to 3 days before shipping so they do not produce waste in the bags. Choose boxes that have an insulated inner cooler foam, that can even keep the fish warmer in winters. Ship your fish overnight, & talk to the buyer to receive the fish quickly when it is delivered. Also, offer a discount to the buyers for returning your boxes.

How to Breed & Sell Platy Fish for Profit
How to Breed & Sell Platy Fish for Profit

How to Make Money through Breeding & Selling Platy Fish:

If you haven’t bred any fish yet then Platy fish is the right choice for you. They need low care, & are very peaceful, & you can keep them in community fish tanks.

Platy fish are available in bright colors. They are sold in many colors.




Care Level







3 to 5 years


3 Inches





Minimum Aquarium Size

29 Gallon

Aquarium Setup

Freshwater, Heavily Planted

Tank Mates

Small Peaceful Species


How to Setup a Breeding Aquarium for Platy:

Choose at a minimum of 29 gallons aquarium for Platy. Platy fish do not need an abundance of space inside the aquarium. But for breeding, a larger aquarium is better. This way you can keep the little ones that are reproduced in the same aquarium as parents.

Cover your aquarium with a lid because Platies can jump outside water.

If your aquarium has too many platies then it could stress your fish, & they might fight against each other.

If you want to Learn How to Setup a Platy Breeding Aquarium then Check out the Video Tutorial:

How to Setup a Low Tech Planted Aquarium for Platy Fish

Platies Like Heavily Planted Aquariums:

Add live plants that offer hiding spots in your aquarium. Platies can use these hiding spots as a place to rest, & fries can use them for hiding from their parents because parents might eat fries. Heavily planted aquariums will offer lots of hiding spots. Both platy fish & fries eat plants because they are omnivores.


Setup an Aquarium Filter in Platies Aquarium:

Use a sponge filter in the platies aquarium because it does not suck babies. Also, any other filter could be used but make sure you cover the filter intake valve with a sponge to stop it from sucking fries. A filter will keep water clean & fries can scrape off the leftover food attached to the sponge. Also, filters are used for aerating water.


Use an Aquarium Heater in Platy Aquarium:

Keep aquarium water in the temperature range of 21 to 25 °C. This is the best temperature range for platies. Use a thermometer for checking your tank water temperature. Use a rheostat heater to keep the water at a specific temperature i.e., 21 °C. If aquarium water is cooler than this temperature then the heater will start heating water automatically until it reaches 21 °C.


What should be the Ratio of Male & Female Platies:

Keep a 1:3 ratio of male & female platies, to stop males from fighting over the females. Males will chase the females so it is always a good idea to keep their ratio low. Make sure you have an abundance of hiding spots so that females can hide from the males in case the ratio of males is higher.


How to Identify Male & Female Platy:

It is important to determine the gender of your platies before purchasing them from the pet store. Watch the fin on the bottom of platy fish. Male platies have a long, rod shaped fin that is used for mating. You won’t see this type of fin on the bottom of female platies.


Change Partial Water for Cleaning It:

Partial water change is required for cleaning the water. A 25 % water change is recommended after every 2 to 4 weeks. It will wipe out the dangerous chemicals that build up in the aquarium water. These dangerous chemicals would otherwise make your fish sick or kill them. Water change could stop changes in pH too which is also dangerous for the fish. Also, fresh minerals will be added to the aquarium water.


Breeding Platy Fish:

Wait for the platies to begin spawning after adding them to the tank. It is simple to spawn platies as compared to other fish. After adding both adult male & female platies, the breeding process will begin soon.


How to Determine If Female Platy is Pregnant:

Your female platy will develop a dark spot on its abdomen which shows that she is pregnant. Note down the date of pregnancy to learn about the date when babies are born.


How Much Time Female Platy Takes to Give Birth:

Female platies usually need 24 to 30 days to give birth. It should not take over 30 days for a female platy to deliver fries.


Move Platy Fries to a Separate Aquarium:

Adult platies have the problem of eating up their own babies. If you are worried about the fries then move them to a separate aquarium. Also, in a heavily planted aquarium, fries are able to survive but their growth rate is less than keeping fries in a separate aquarium. You can keep fries in a breeder box where they receive warm filtered water & can avoid adult platies. A separate aquarium will need a new filter & heater.

Either shift the mother platy to a new aquarium before it gives birth, or move the babies to a new aquarium after they are born.

Use a fish net to catch the babies & move them to a fresh tank. It is a bit hard to catch them if you have many hiding spots in your aquarium.


What Platy Fry Eats:

Offer platy babies, baby fish diet & baby brine shrimp. Offer food to the fries several times a day in little amounts.


Sell your Platy Fries when they Reach Maturity:

Platies will overcrowd your tank so it is always a good idea to move them to a new aquarium when they reach maturity. Platies can reach maturity in just 4 months, so you can sell them at this age.

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