Do guppies need a bubbler (aerator), filter, heater or lights for their aquarium?

Guppies, also called million fish or rainbow fish are among the world’s most widely distributed tropical species, & very famous in the freshwater aquarium trade. Guppies are known for their small sizes, & colourful patterns on their beautiful bodies & fins.

Do guppies need a bubbler, filter, heater or lights
Do guppies need a bubbler, filter, heater or lights

Do Guppies need a Bubbler?

Guppy is a freshwater fish that likes clear & oxygenated water. Still water in the aquarium is very dangerous for fish. Therefore, an aerator or bubbler is required to produce some movement in the water for aeration. Aquarists can use an air pump & air stone in an aquarium to produce heaps of bubbles for oxygenating water. Water disturbance adds atmospheric oxygen in the water & removes CO2 due to surface agitation. Therefore, Guppy fish needs an aerator or bubbler for keeping water oxygenated.


Do guppies need an aquarium filter?

A filter is needed for guppy fish tanks because it removes every mechanical impurity including fish poop, remaining food, & other debris that will otherwise foil water. Debris overtime releases ammonia that is very toxic for fish. A filter is required to remove the waste products as well as chemical impurities from the water. Therefore, a filter can perform both mechanical & biological filtration for keeping water clean. In addition, a filter can be used for producing water current for causing surface agitation. Hence, filters add atmospheric oxygen in the water, & remove CO2. Guppies require a filter because without clean & aerated water, they would not endure that long.

Guppies need moderate water current because faster water flow would stress them.


Do guppies need an aquarium heater?

A heater is required for tropical fish because it maintains tank temperature in the ideal range for guppies ’74 to 82 °F. The temperature should stay consistent because high fluctuations in temperature can stress your guppies. Stressed guppies are prone to many illnesses.


Do guppies need aquarium lights?

If you want to see the beautiful & bright colours of your guppy fish, then tank lights are needed. In addition, guppies know when to sleep & when to wake up with the help of lights. Therefore, if you want to keep guppies in your tank, then it is important to setup aquarium lights.

It is recommended to keep the lights turned on b/w 8 to 10 hours every day. If your lights stayed on for longer periods than that, then it would stress your guppies, & would increase the growth of algae in your fish tank.

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