Bio Media Filter VS Live Aquatic Plants: What can offer better aquarium or pond filtration?

Every fish tank or pond needs a filter for cleaning dangerous chemicals released from decaying matter such as fish waste, remaining food, & other detritus. Bio media is used in filters, & they are very effective in removing ammonia, nitrites & nitrates from the water. Bio media can offer biological filtration in filters, & they are very effective against germs. Contrary to bio media, many aquarists use live aquatic plants for filtering their tank or pond water. Plants need CO2 & nutrients released by fish that help plants in growth. Plants need fertilizers such as ammonia, nitrites & nitrates, therefore they help plants grow healthy, & clean water for fish. In this article, we have given our opinion if live plants can replace bio filters.

Bio Media Filter VS Live Aquatic Plants: What is Better?
Bio Media Filter VS Live Aquatic Plants: What is Better?

Aquatic plants are very efficient in filtering water. Aquarists usually keep many different species of live plants in their fish tanks or ponds. Some of the plant species consume heaps of fertilizers. Hence, you can keep many fish in your fish tanks or ponds if you have many aquatic plants especially the one that eat more fertilizers. Many live plants are beginners friendly so they need low maintenance. Bio media are also effective in cleaning water. Bio media will be clogged overtime especially if it is porous, & hence will require replacement. Bio media are costly. They need two to three weeks to develop useful bacteria. Aquatic plants are very reliable & cheap method for getting rid of impurities.

Aquarium or pond bio media needs to be added to the filters. Filters need power for operation, & they need lots of power especially if you setup your filter for a large tank. Filters are expensive especially if you require one for a large tank or pond. Plants are cheap, & they propagate & give birth to baby plants. Therefore, if you buy a few plants, then they will spread into a jungle.

Aquatic & pond plants have many uses, & they are very important for fish. They not only filter water but also offer a wild like habitat for fish. Fish love plants & they eat them. Live plants look beautiful in aquarium or pond. They provide hiding spots for the fish, & shy fish hide inside them. Fish use plants for laying eggs. Fries need plants as shelter to hide from predators.

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