Does Barbus Fasciolatus (African Banded Barb) need an aquarium heater, filter or lights?

The African Banded Barb is a stunning fish but not very popular in the aquarium trade. They love planted fish tanks with heaps of oxygen, & dark substrate. They are popular for their small size, & beautiful black striping. Most of the Barbus species have yellow or gold colour bodies.

Barbus Fasciolatus is also known as African Banded Barb fish. The minimum aquarium size for a group of six to eight Barbus Fasciolatus is twenty gallons. It is recommended to choose a larger aquarium to keep them happy. Do not keep this fish alone as it will stress them. Keeping a group will make them happy & active.


Does Barbus Fasciolatus need an aquarium heater?

Barbus Fasciolatus is a beautiful freshwater fish that lives happily b/w 20 to 26 °C. It is not recommended to keep this fish in colder or hotter water, especially the temperature should not rise beyond 29 °C for longer periods. It is recommended to change partial water on a regular basis to keep nitrates level in control.

Does The African Banded Barb need aquarium filter?
Does The African Banded Barb need an aquarium filter?

Does African Banded Barb need an aquarium filter?

Barbus Fasciolatus loves slow moving water with a not very strong water filter. A sponge filter driven by air is sufficient or if you have a power filter, then it is recommended to set the filter to low flow setting. In the wild, the African Banded Barb fish love slow moving water, with heaps of oxygen. It needs pristine water to live happily, & it will show best colours & health if you keep live plants in their tank, with dark substrate, specifically where you have setup floating plants.


Does Barbus Fasciolatus need aquarium lights?

The African Banded Barb loves diffused lights. It is recommended to add aquatic plants that need low lighting like Anubias or similar plants. If your tank light is strong then it is recommended to add floating plants that would lower the light intensity.

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