What aquatic plants are suitable for an Angelfish aquarium?

Angelfish are very stunning freshwater fish. They are very famous, & almost every aquarist loves to have them in their tank. However, what are the top compatible plants for the Angelfish aquarium?

Some of the top aquatic plants for Angelfish aquarium include Amazon Swords, Water Sprite, Java Fern, & several others.


What types of aquatic plants are suitable for Angelfish?

Multiple factors are crucial for Angelfish. They achieve a greater size. They do not necessarily grow large, but they become very tall. They can achieve a size of 10 inches tall when they are completely grown.

One of the mistakes that many beginners make is keeping Angelfish in an aquarium which is not tall enough. Angelfish can reach a tall size, so they need more space to swim in the aquarium. Therefore, Angelfish prefer tall plants that reach the top of the aquarium.

Breeding Angelfish, & watching fries to become adults is fun. When Angelfish lay eggs in the tank, chances are that adult fish will eat them. Therefore, to save their eggs & fries from adult fish, it is recommended to keep tall & bushy aquatic plants that provide cover for the eggs & little fries can hide in them when they sense danger. It is also recommended to have aquatic plants with large leaves so that Angelfish can stick their eggs to.


  • Amazon Swords:

Amazon Swords is very beneficial for the Angelfish aquarium. Amazon Swords suits the Angelfish because both of them are from the same Amazon River. Their leaves are best for the Angelfish to stick their eggs to.

What plants are compatible with Angelfish - Amazon Swords
What plants are compatible with Angelfish - Amazon Swords

Amazon Swords can grow extremely tall & can achieve up to 16 inches height when ideal conditions are provided. In moderate lights, Amazon Swords can grow, but under bright lighting & extra carbon dioxide, they grow very fast.


  • Water Sprite:

Another plant that is a best recommendation for Angelfish is Water Sprite. Many of the Angelfish keepers recommend Water Sprite. They can offer a thick & dense forest, with its many fine leaves. It is a best opportunity for Angelfish to swim through, get cover & deposit their eggs on the plant leaves.

Water Sprite can become 13 inches tall, therefore it is one of the best background plants. The water conditions are suitable for the Angelfish which is great. Water Sprite grows slowly, but under ideal conditions, they grow faster.

For breeding Angelfish, a thick bunch of the Sprite is recommended.


  • Java Fern:

Java Fern is a very popular aquarium plant. They require easy care, have thin but sturdy leaves to allow Angelfish to stick their eggs to, & grow slowly, which makes it one of the best plants for novices. Java Fern offers the best cover so Angelfish highly appreciate this plant.

What plants are suitable for Angelfish aquarium - Java Fern
What plants are suitable for Angelfish aquarium - Java Fern

Java Fern requires low to moderate lights. It slowly grows so it doesn’t require much extra nutrition & can grow well with no carbon dioxide. Java Fern is the perfect plant for Angelfish.


  • Water Wisteria:

A beautiful aquatic plant that is hard & versatile. It is the best plant that grows fast in the right conditions. Water Wisteria is the best background plant for Angelfish tanks that allows your fish to swim through.

Water Wisteria propagates simply by trimming the top & replanting it again. In the wild, it grows extremely tall that parts of the plant break off, & it then turns out to be fresh plants.

You can grow Water Wisteria in the substrate or leave it to freely float over the water surface.


  • Anubias:

Anubias is a famous plant in the aquarium hobby. It offers thick leaves & stems that are not suitable for Angelfish to swim through, however it is ok. Anubias do not grow tall so it can be used as a midground plant in the aquarium.

Anubias plants need easy care because it grows slowly & does not require bright lighting, extra carbon dioxide or extra nutrition. It does best in low lighting or in shade.

Anubias grows slowly, so its leaves will gather some algae over time. It comes in multiple sizes, so make sure to choose one that matches your requirements.

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