Download Convict / Zebra Cichlid Fish 4K HD Wallpapers:

Convict Cichlids are freshwater fish that belong to Central America. Convict Cichlids live in the lakes & streams of Central America with a medium water flow. They hide in the wood & rocks in b/w feeding. They are classified as omnivores. They can live from eight to ten years. The name ‘Convict’ is given to this Cichlid because of the series of black vertical bars on its body.

Below you can check out HD Wallpaper of Convict / Zebra Cichlid Fish:

Convict Cichlid Fish 4K Wallpaper
Convict Cichlid Fish 4K Wallpaper

The black Convict Cichlid is commonly called the Zebra Cichlid. Black Convict Cichlid is very hardy & it needs low care that makes it the perfect fish for new fish keepers.

Convict Cichlids need moderate care due to their aggression & territorial nature. For beginners, it is recommended to keep Convict Cichlid with other Convicts because of their aggression & territorial nature.

Male Convict Cichlids can reach a length of up to 6 inches, & females can be as long as 4.5 inches. Convict Cichlids are small & they do not need lots of aquarium space. The min. aquarium size for Convict Cichlids is 30 gallons.

Convict Cichlids like to hide in caves. Build caves from rocks in your fish tank. Also, put driftwood in your tank.

In the wild, Convict Cichlids eat small fish or insects. They are omnivores, so they eat little plants such as algae, & mostly crustaceans. Convict Cichlids eats a variety of foods & can adapt to any environment that makes it a famous fish for beginners.

In popularity, the Convict Cichlid takes the third spot out of every Cichlid. Angelfish & Oscar fish takes the first & second spot.

The male Convict Cichlids are bigger in size than the female Convict Cichlids of the same age. The Albino Convict Cichlid is also available.

Convict Cichlids need at least a 20-gallon aquarium. If you are breeding Convict Cichlids, then it is recommended to have a 30-gallon tank. Do not add a pair of Convict Cichlids to the community tank as they are prolific breeders & if you have a mature pair, then you might likely see babies in the tank. During the breeding period, Convict Cichlids are highly aggressive towards other fish.

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