When and Why to Replace Mechanical, Biological and Chemical Filter Media used in Fluval Bio Max / Bio Foam?

Filter media is the medium required for filtration of aquarium water and how well it cleans the fish waste, uneaten food and other debris. If you have more media in your filter then your filter will have higher filtration capacity. Put your filter in a jar for establishing a convenient filter media. Changing & maintaining filtration media will ensure continuous & efficient water flow through the filter media.

It is important to use your filter to its utmost potential by making sure its outlet is highly disturbing the water as it will add heaps of oxygen in the water & heaps of CO2 will escape from the water surface.

Different types of filtration media are available for a variety of purposes. If your water is smelly or you want to clear it, then you will need activated carbon.

If you want to reduce pH & mimic the natural water conditions for black water South American fish, then it is recommended to use peat granules.

To keep fish healthy, you will need a powerful bio filter, & it is recommended to use Fluval Bio Max & / or Fluval Bio Foam filter.

For pristine water, it is important to select porous media that provides heaps of surface area. It is highly important to have aerobic bacteria that need oxygen to break down ammonia into nitrites and nitrates. Aerobic bacteria grow over the surface of bio media. Anaerobic bacteria grow within, and it is responsible for wiping out nitrates.

When & Why to Replace Aquarium Filter Media?
When & Why to Replace Aquarium Filter Media?

Filter Media – 3 Fundamental Types:


Mechanical Filter Media:

Mechanical filter media is important for wiping out solid detritus from fish tanks. It has the job of clearing water & cleaning your fish tank. Aquarium inhabitants pollute water & it is important to trap the waste & other mess produced by fish.

The primary & very common mechanical filtration media is foam. The cell size determines what size of debris it will trap. If cell size is smaller, then your foam will be able to trap very fine particles of detritus. Foam is able to provide excellent capacity, that will make it extremely handy for dealing with large bio loads. You can wash & reuse foams many times to make sure it works effectively; however, it is crucial to replace foam twice a year. When foam works for longer periods in water, it is difficult to clean it thoroughly & it may start to wear & break down.


Chemical Filter Media:

Chemical filter media starts working when different types of toxins are surrounded by chemical filtration media, & during this process an toxic ion is swapped for a harmless ion.

Activated carbon is the most widely used chemical filtration media which is highly used in fish tanks. It can efficiently collect gases & many other dissolved toxins inside its structures, such as dangerous metals. It will ensure pristine water flows out of the filter which provides excellent conditions for fish to thrive.

Activated carbon is made from a very crucial raw material that has a direct effect on aquarium water filtration capability. Fluval Carbon is manufactured from bituminous coal which is the excellent material for carbon used for purifying water.

When you want to achieve the best from carbon, it is crucial to exchange it with new carbon regularly because it will be saturated overtime as debris will clog it, & as it is highly saturated with toxins, there stands a risk of some toxins leaching out into the aquarium water.

It is highly recommended to replace carbon monthly or quickly after it has efficiently achieved a specific need, like for trapping leftover medication, cleaning smelly water, cloudy water etc.


Biological Filter Media:

Biological filter media is responsible for converting bio waste from aquarium inhabitants into a form that bacteria use & wipe out from the water.

The bio waste from the fish & other aquatic animals can be extremely toxic based on pH & concentration. The aerobic bacteria grow over the surface of bio media which is responsible for breaking down bio waste into nitrites & nitrates. Anaerobic bacteria develop within the bio media which has the capability of wiping out nitrates, leaving water crystal clear.

Biological media has the problem of clogging overtime, & it is crucial to replace some bio media with new media after 3 to 6 months. The partial media change will ensure the pores are open & heaps of beneficial bacteria are growing inside these pores that are needed for the removal of impurities. Frequent maintenance of foam & bio media will ensure your media is in excellent condition. The filter will work efficiently with proper maintenance. The filter is one of the extremely crucial tools responsible for a healthy & happy fish tank.

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