How to make an aquarium stand – second part (wrapping & painting):

It is simple to wrap & paint a fish tank stand as there is a frame already built for the stand in my previous tutorial. Minimum wood craftsmanship skills are needed to accomplish today’s task & you can also build a gorgeous stand by just reading & following today’s tutorial. You can build a cabinet that can be used to store a canister filter, a SUMP filter or you can use it for any other purpose. The cabinet can have doors but I have reserved this gap for placing another 3 feet aquarium.

A step by step procedure will be shown in today's tutorial about wrapping & painting a 4 feet aquarium stand. However, if you want to make any size stand, then you will be capable of making after reading this tutorial.

Tools needed to wrap & paint aquarium stand:

  • Cut the plywood using jigsaw or table saw
  • Use electric drill for drilling holes in the wood
  • Use electric screw driver for screwing
  • Use wood glue for good finishing
  • Use sanding block for smoothing rough surface of plywood

In my previous tutorial, I have shown the process of making an aquarium stand frame. If you have not checked that tutorial, then it is recommended to read that tutorial first by clicking on the link below:

Steps: How to wrap & paint aquarium stand:

In this tutorial, I will show you how to wrap & paint an unfinished aquarium stand. I built frame of aquarium stand in my previous post but now I am going to add plywood to the frame & paint it. It is recommended to check this tutorial till the end.

Step 1: Use plywood to cover the stand frame:

Plywood for covering stand frame
Plywood for covering stand frame

I am using a free plywood in this project. It had a rough surface so I used sanding block to make the surface smooth [1]. I cut the plywood for covering the frame of stand [2]. I drilled holes in the plywood & stand for screws & used electronic screw driver for screwing screws [3].

Step 2: Paint aquarium stand:

Paint aquarium stand
Paint aquarium stand

I am using paint that can stick to wood [1]. I put some paint, & used roller & paint brush to paint my aquarium stand [2]. It slowly painted my aquarium so that stand can be evenly painted [3]. The surface of stand looks shiny after applying paint.

Step 3: I will place 2 aquariums on a single stand:

Place 2 aquariums on one stand
2 aquariums placed on a single stand

I will place my 4 feet aquarium on top of the stand & 3 feet aquarium will be placed in the gap. I will have 2 aquariums on one stand. You can utilize the gap by putting a SUMP filter or a canister filter. Also you can add a cabinet, & store fish food & other stuff related to aquarium.

Pros of building & painting aquarium stand:

Building aquarium stand at home is cheap & you can customize it according to your need. I have placed 2 aquariums, one on top of the stand & another in the gap. Also you can make a cabinet to store aquarium related items such as food, medicine, fish net & other useful tools for quickly accessing them. Aquarium stand can be painted easily & it will look shiny after applying paint. Paint will cost you only few bucks.

Cons of building & painting aquarium stand:

Building aquarium stand requires precision & you will need to buy equipment in order to accomplish this task. Cost of building aquarium stand is not that much but equipment required for building aquarium stand will cost you many bucks. Building & painting aquarium stand will need time & effort, & for saving money you will have to go through a long process. Also it will need some wood craftsmanship skills.

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